Our Second Amendment Responsibilities


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I thought this was well written and something everyone should have the chance to read..-Templar

Our Second Amendment Responsibilities
Written by Scott Hewitt Jones
Friday, 09 January 2009 00:00

By way of introduction, I'll describe myself the same way Barack Obama did. Though not especially bitter about anything, I certainly do cling to my religion and my guns.

Most of my friends and associates already seem to share my core beliefs. However, it seems that lately, almost daily, I encounter someone who has no clue about Obama's voting record regarding firearms ownership and the use of firearms, whether to put meat on your table or in order to defend yourself against aggressors. Since the mainstream media clearly has no interest in the matter, or is afraid of the subject, most people remain woefully uninformed. At this time in our nation's history, this places all freedom loving Americans in peril.

Therefore, I address this to the multitude who either believes it doesn't matter who you voted for this year, or voted for Obama without being fully informed. Either way, the possibility, in my opinion, of Obama's win must be considered dangerous to our basic freedoms and way of life.

I ultimately vote for only one issue, that being the Second Amendment to our Bill of Rights under the Constitution of the United States of America, granted to us by our founding fathers in their Almighty God inspired wisdom. The Second Amendment represents our first freedom, the right to bear arms.

Our first freedom has recently undergone the scrutiny of the Supreme Court of the United States, which wisely upheld (barely, by only one vote) our individual right to take up arms and defend ourselves in the landmark case Washington, DC v Heller. Law abiding citizens in our nation's capital had successfully been disarmed by gun hating politicians, resulting in a huge wave of street violence and home invasions. With the assistance and encouragement of the National Rifle Association, the citizens of Washington are slowly recovering their Second Amendment rights. The appeals continue, but we, the people, are winning. Victory, however, can be fleeting.

Just ask the people of Chicago, which is Obama's adopted home town, and the locus of his political power. Chicago has a gun ban more restrictive than that faced by the citizens of Washington, DC. Yet, Chicago has become one of the most violent cities in the world. Street violence and home invasions are at epidemic levels. People there are persecuted and prosecuted for defending themselves in their own homes. Let me assure you all, Barack Obama's fingerprints are all over this problem. He was a member of the Illinois State Legislature when many of these issues went to vote, and he voted to disarm law abiding residents of Chicago and surrounding suburbs every single time. There is no sense to be found in his record, because the idea of taking away a man's right to defend his family makes no sense. It's quite frankly, an insane and irrational argument. Everywhere it's been tried, in this country and in others, the result has been the same...an increase in violence at all levels of society.

My fellow citizens, Obama has never, not even once, voted to safeguard our Second Amendment rights. Furthermore, he has consistently voted to disarm all Americans. In his brief political career, he has made it clear that if he had the power, he would confiscate every legally owned weapon in America. The man is a narcissist, only interested in himself and how what he does can benefit him personally and politically.

Of course, Obama assures us he's not interested in taking away our guns, but past actions still count for something in this country, at least for now, and it's crystal clear that Obama is not being truthful. Let's call him what he really is. He is a liar, a deceiver, and a con man.

I don't care if Barack Obama sat and listened to the Rev. Jeremiah Wright's American hating rhetoric for twenty years (well, yes I really do, down deep). Nor do I care that he sat in William Ayers' den discussing domestic terrorism and how mean America is. I don't even care that he talks like a Marxist (actually he is a Marxist as well as a Socialist by the very definition of the terms). I only truly care that he is part of a rapidly growing movement in this country that wants to rob us of our right to defend ourselves with a firearm if necessary. If you want to disarm me, then you are a clear and present danger to all law abiding Americans. Clearly, support for Barack Obama transcends race, so his actions should be scrutinized even more carefully by everyone. Sadly, and ironically, it is the African American voting community which will be impacted most adversely by the loss of gun rights. Since, statistically, black on black crime accounts for a disproportionate amount of the criminal activity across the nation, law abiding black families will be impacted most dramatically by restrictions on firearms ownership. So, while I admit, somewhat begrudgingly, that African Americans can and should be proud of Obama, they should also realize that he will go after their guns too. It will be a disaster of unmeasurable consequences for us all.

The NRA compiles data on the voting records of every elected official in America at all levels of government. They use the data to score politicians on their support of the Second Amendment. Barack Obama scores a zero (0)...an F. He has never, not even once, voted in favor of our right to bear arms. Just for the record, John McCain scored an A (95.4%) for his support of your right to protect yourself and your family. He also received an official endorsement from the NRA, which is no easy task. He may not have been the right wing conservative's dream, but he is a true American hero, with the future of our nation at the forefront of his agenda. He is certainly more interested in what's right for the nation and it's security than in his own political future Obama is only intent on altering the very face of America to fit his misguided and perverted Socialist agenda.

Let's face the facts. We all know we can't rely on the police to protect us in our homes. They can't be everywhere at the same time. They can only show up after the fact and try to clean up the mess. We must be proactive, take the initiative and defend ourselves, which relates directly back to our constitutional right to bear arms.

Consider this. Throughout history, it has been a distinctive feature of the free man that he possess arms with which to defend himself, while it has been a distinctive feature of the slave that he does not possess the same right to arms. Which do you want to be...free man or slave?

Please join me in preserving our right as responsible citizens to protect ourselves, our families, and our homes. Contribute to the dialogue. Talk about it with everyone you know. We must each do our part to keep America a free nation. If you do nothing else, take a moment to put pen to paper. Write a short letter to the editor of the newspaper in your town. Tell people the truth that the media is afraid to address. Wake up America! Your basic freedoms are under attack! At this point, we have no choice but to deal with the consequences of an uninformed or unconcerned electorate. Now, those of us who understand must focus on minimizing the impact of having elected a man who can't even prove he's a natural born citizen or get security clearance because of his past associations and affiliations. I'm taking the time to put my pen to paper because I don't believe it's too late. We as sensible Americans, be you liberal or conservative, must again learn to speak with a common voice. We must learn to stand up against ignorance and misinformation, and call it what it is...a lie and an abomination (or should we refer to it as an Obamanation?) Join in the dialogue, and together we can at least try to moderate this disaster. Join together in fighting a worthwhile battle. Fight for the right to remain free people. Meanwhile, GO JOIN THE NRA

"he would confiscate every legally owned weapon in America" ----Something for you to ponder.... by doing this, who would Obama give the power to? -Templar

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Mr. James is right on the money with this article. I like how he manages to get the point across without being emotional or resorting to scare tactics.
"I carry a gun, because Cops are too heavy" ring a bell? Obama wants us to be completely dependant and a wellfare state. But they don't raise the amounts of police on patrol. Plus, has anyone noticed that cops are more looking for speeders than any other violation (at least here in VA) where it is a revenue producer for our fiscally irresponsible state government. Why do they put "Quotas" on speeding tickets, but not on Violent offenders and illegal drugs?
Yes, put more emphasis on felons with guns rather than taking guns away from law abiding citizens just trying to protect themselves.....there's a novel idea! Why is it so hard for our "educated leaders" to figure out?
I concur... harsher punishment for felons with guns and the criminals who commit crime with guns. When Jeb Bush was governor of Florida, he instituted the 10-20-Life plan. I think it worked something like this; commit a crime with a gun it was minimum mandatory 10 years in prison. Discharge that firearm during the commission of a felony and you earned a minimum mandatory 20 year sentence. Injure or kill someone with that firearm during the commission of a felony and it was automatic life in prison. I think this is the way it worked. Any of you Floridians please correct me if I am wrong. If it were me, I would make the penalties even harsher. Lawmakers need to go after the bad guys not the law abiding armed citizen.
Glockster, you've got it pretty correct on the Florida law about gun felonies. Problem was that a lot of these crimes got pled down to charges that didn't include the gun. The problem is that we do not enforce the laws we already have on the books. What good do new laws do when the ones we already have don't work?

They say that the death penalty doesn't deter crime. Well, if we gave the guilty one (automatic) appeal, within 60 days, and then carried out the sentence within 60 days after that appeal, there wouldn't be much of a death row, and there wouldn't be a recidivism problem, and there wouldn't be so many guys ready to die quickly after convicted.

Although I didn't agree with countries like Russia, Cuba or even the Middle East "sharia law", the people under these regimes were (and are) scared sh*tless of the government because the "law" was/is so swift and harsh. We don't have to be un-Constitutional - all we have to do is enforce the laws we DO have and make sure that those who choose not to obey know the consequences.
Amen, Gary. How many people has Ted Bundy killed since 1989? Frank Walls is regularly reported as still wanting to kill another girl, when will they flip the switch with him sitting on Ol' Sparky?
I still like the Old Testament way. Take them out side the city gates and "rock them to sleep". I think public execution would make a big impact.
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I still like the Old Testament way. Take them out side the city gates and "rock the to sleep". I think public execution would make a big impact.

HK, have you read Heinlein's lesson on morals, ethics, and civic duty? In a book called Starship Troopers? If you haven't, you should, just be sure to get his actual book not the adaptation of the movie with the same name.
HK, have you read Heinlein's lesson on morals, ethics, and civic duty? In a book called Starship Troopers? If you haven't, you should, just be sure to get his actual book not the adaptation of the movie with the same name.

No I have not. I might take a look next time I am at the book store.

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