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I like Ron Paul too...(I don't think he will win though). I think we are looking at a Bachman or perry as the presidential nominee with Rubio as their vice president


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scottbland247:220262 said:
I like Ron Paul too...(I don't think he will win though). I think we are looking at a Bachman or perry as the presidential nominee with Rubio as their vice president

This is what I'm thinking!


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I hear that he'a a Bilderberg puppet and that makes him a closet progressive jus' like 'ol George W.

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A quote from Wikipedia:
"The Bilderberg Group, Bilderberg conference, or Bilderberg Club is an annual, unofficial, invitation-only conference of approximately 120 to 140 guests from North America and Western Europe, most of whom are people of influence.[1] About one-third are from government and politics, and two-thirds from finance, industry, labour, education and communications. Meetings are closed to the public and often feature future political leaders shortly before they become household names"

You also have to realize, he wasn't all that conservative as a Governor.
Although he did tick off BHO a couple of times.
He was also in favor of that super highway that was suppose to link Mexico, USA and Canada and begin the North American Union.

If I'm wrong, I apologize.
But remember what happened over 2 1/2 years ago?

Barack Hussein Obama was a zero, a nobody but he looked good, he smelled good and he said the right words to say and the majority voted him in.

Now Gov. Perry pops up looking good, smelling good and saying all the right words to say.

Don't take my word for it.
Vet him like he's never be vetted before. Not just for my sake or yours but for your friends and family and our nation. VET ALL THE CANDIDATES!

If we get another closet progressive in the White House our country may not make it through.

Thanks for the heads up, Smudley. Good to know he receives accolades from that group. If all that's true, he's no more than a conservative version of Obummer out to finish the job Obummer and his progressives started.

Grognard Gunny

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After watching the Rep "debate" the other evening....... while I have always liked Ron Paul's ideas on "World Affairs" and his idea of "Fiscal Responsibility"..... I just can't envision someone who looks like a hopped up gargoyle on stage getting elected, let alone nominated. (Sorry, just the facts of life.)

Meanwhile Mutt Romney, smug in his belief that he is the "shoe in" Rep Nominee, does not impress me in the slightest. Especially since he waited until the "compromise (sic!)" Debt Ceiling deal was done before he even bothered to chime in with HIS "take" on the matter. As it turned out, he didn't like it. (Always a critic. Always a politician fence sitting to see which way the wind was blowing.)

The field seems a bit thin, if you ask me. (You didn't, but, what the heck.... the very least I can do is start a good fight! LOL!)

They say Obama is on the ropes. He is polling behind a "generic Republican" I've been told. Looks like I may be forced to vote for that "Generic Republican". (Or maybe a third round draft pick to be named later....!)

Or the Reps just might shoot themselves in BOTH feet and let Obama sneak in for another four years! (Perish the thought!) While I (and other Americans) have suffered Greatly under Obama's "Reign of Error", I rather doubt that I could survive another four years of being force fed tainted pablum buy this maladriot.



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Rick Perry's Creation Myth:

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47% of all government jobs added in the US between 2007 and 2010 were added in Texas. The chart shows that Texas employment wasn’t down much at all in these years, as the state lost only 53,000 jobs. But looming behind that number are large losses in the private sector (down 178,000) and large gains (up 125,000) in government jobs.

Facts are a terrible thing to waste.

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