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has anyone tried osprey international optics on their rifle. a friend of mine bought one last week 6x24x 50 with mil dot reticle illuminated red and green $220 at a gun show. i checed it out it has awesome clarity superb magnification and a side paralax adjustment as well. also its 30 mm tube as well. only thing i didnt lie was the rings it came with are far too tall. the adjustments you can feel and hear the clicks distinctly. i dont know how tough they are or how well they will stand behind their if it breaks we will replace it no questions asked warranty. but i went to the local gun show today and talked the salesman down from his list price of 250 to 170 bought some leoupold rings and bases and threw away the ones that came on it. it definatly doesnt look cheap or feel cheap. how it will perform i do not know, but i will find out soon. has anyone else tried one of these? I figured for $170 if it fails i really havent lost a lot.

i know it was made in china. so far it sighted in with ease. and has performed well. it has nice features that the high end scopes do. i dont know how rugged it will be but i am hopefull. should it not hold up i will get myself a burris or leupold to put in its place. :biggrin:

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