Oregon Here...

Ahh, the Baron's Den. That's where I took my safety course to get my CHL. Welcome to the party brother!

A big howdy from the heart of lefty-land...I live in Portland, work in Lake Oswego. I drive through Banks all the time on the way to the coastal streams (fishing)...nice little golf course you Bankies have out there.
Eugene area here too!
Mother to three daughters and a new foster son, NRA Instructor for Oregon & BCI Instructor for Utah.
I've been carrying concealed for just over 13 years.Looking forward to getting to know you all better!
Born and raised in So. Oregon Klamath Falls till age of 20 when I left for the Air Force. Still in and won't be back to Oregon to live for another 14 years minimum, but after being all over the world and the US there is no other place I want to live :biggrin:
I am looking forward to flying to Texas at the end of the month to attend my daughter's Basic Training graduation for the Air Force.

And, I felt the same way as you Avail, when I left the Navy

Hermiston checking in. We are east of the Dalles. I know you all thought anything east of the the Dalles was idaho bu there is a little more to oregon than that. Just kiddin. LOL.

Been an Oregon CHL holder for almost twenty years Washington holder for 15 and just recently recieved my Utah.

NRA and Utah BCI instructor.
Eugene checking in....again?

I patrol the portland to Eugene corridor (lol *sarcasm*). Carrying for 2 years. Got my chl at barons den. I carry a jericho 941 .40 and or sig p238. Going to save up for a sig tacops 1911 with a trl1 light (maybe osprey.45 suppressor for fun in the woods) for my full size carry on those cold winter nights. Just bought my wife another gun yesterday (ruger lcp).
Klamath Falls checking in. NRA, Utah BCI and Florida instructor, and volunteer instructor for Hunter, Master Hunter, and Bowhunter ed, volunteer youth shooting coach, help out with the Oregon Tech Target Shooting club (OTTS).
I carry a PT709 and I really like it. It has made two trips back under warrenty but not because it really had to except that it didn't do what I wanted it to and it does come with a life time warrenty. I have made a few modifications my self none of which violate the warrenty. I really like the gun now and am proud to own it.
It shot low and the trigger was heavy. The factory fixed both and polished the feed ramp for me. I have had it apart down to it's basic components and I find it is a very safe gun to carry. I hope that helps to counter some of the negative comments for you about Taurus. Because of the short reset it is also one of the fastest firing little semi-autos I have owned which can come in handy at close range in a pinch.
The original OC checking in (Oregon City). Glock 19 and LCP. Also always have a Benchmade knife on me - I believe in shopping hyper-local if I can. :biggrin:
The original OC checking in (Oregon City). Glock 19 and LCP. Also always have a Benchmade knife on me - I believe in shopping hyper-local if I can. :biggrin:

Oregon, Utah and Maine Permits. I can legally carry in Portland and Portland - how many people can say that?

Will soon have NH, NV, FL, and CT (I'm starting a collection).

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