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I beleive you CAN ship by USPS although may have to pay hazmat charges. I could be wrong though because I only ship ammo through UPS, there are no hazmat charges (unless you are buying powder) and because ammo is heavy, the shipping costs much less than USPS. I do not think Fed Ex will accept ammo at all.

For what it's worth, usually the shipping costs will kill the savings you get from buying ammo online since it's so heavy. This is unless you buy in bulk or are buying something rare. I did an informal poll on my facebook page asking how much ammo someone would buy online, and it seems 1,000 is about what most people would be comfortable buying bulk.


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Cheapest on a regular basis is still Walmart. Hey Chicago: It stil comes down to dollars or cents per cartridge. Some vendors have good sales and if you purchase say 1000-2000 rounds, which you can probably share with someone, cents per cartridge, with shipping costs moderated by so many cartridges, you can out distance Walmart.


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Yup that's basically waht I said, unless it's bulk it kinda doesn't make sense. Also if you shoot something walmart doesn't sell it also make sense. 1,000 rounds of ammo isn't very much really when you think about it. I bet most people int his forum shoot more than 1,000 rounds a year. My most recent hand gun purchase I shot 200 rounds within the first hour owning it. When I was testing loads in my shot gun I must have shot close to 400 rounds. An average day at the range I can shoot well over 500 rounds ez. The only thing limiting me from shooting more is my own budget.


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Walmart doesn't have the deals they had last year.
Seems all the prices went up in Walmart hunting and fishing department.
Also noticed that they swap into Winchester brand products.

Besides, I felt bad last year when I came up to the counter and bought a 1000 rounds of 9mm Blazer Brass and it was all they had at that time.

I've been trying out a lot of different imported ammunition brands the last couple years: Wolf, Bear, LVE, S&B. Some are dirty than others (Wolf & Bear) but the all seem to put holes on the paper, cans, etc close to where I want them...


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I did a test with my new xdm 5.25. I was trying to find what it liked the best. It did NOT like thw wolf, that's for sure. Absolutely no consistency. No way you'd hold an 8" group at 50'.

On the other hand, I was shooting bear 162 grain BTHP and Federal 162 grain Steel Core, and to no suprise the BTHP shot better. I'm willing to bet if I put that against another BT the bear might not do so good... and in regards to Bear, stay away from the lacquered cases as they have been known to cause FTE.

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