Orange County Board of Supervisors To Address CCW Issue With New Sheriff

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As many of you who participate on this Forum already know, The recently appointed Sheriff of Orange County California (Sandra Hutchens, formerly of the LA County Sheriff’s Department) has begun revoking CCW on a large scale, and without cause.

On November 18th, the Orange County Board of Supervisors will be addressing the newly appointed Sheriff to discuss the controversy surrounding her new highly-restrictive CCW Policy.

Anyone with an interest in preserving their CCW rights and privileges is highly encouraged to attend the meeting and make their presence felt! The Board must see that this issue is an important one to the citizens of Orange and surrounding counties.

The meeting will be held in the Board Hearing Room, First Floor, 333 W. Santa Ana Blvd., Santa Ana

Meetings begin at 9:30AM and you should plan on arriving no later than 8:45 to insure that seating and parking are available.

If you cannot make it, please email your support to the following supervisors. We are NOT emailing Sup. John Moorlach, as he is feeding our correspondance to Sheriff Hutchens.

Pat Bates [email protected]
Bill Campell [email protected]
Chris Norby [email protected]
Janet Nguyen [email protected]

In a letter from Supervisor Patricia Bates:
“When I questioned the new Sheriff both privately and publicly before she was selected, her responses regarding CCW permits provided me with no hint of the full-scale review she has now undertaken.

The Sheriff has stated there must be "good cause" to carry a concealed weapon. I acknowledge her authority to define “good cause” in her issuance and revocation of CCW permits. However, I do not agree with her restrictive interpretation. The most troubling aspect to me, as this issue has evolved, is the confusion it has caused my constituents in the 5th District and residents throughout Orange County. Law-abiding, honest and community-oriented people, who may have had a CCW for years (in many cases issued by former Sheriff Gates) are now having their permits questioned.”

Supervisor Chris Norby goes on to say:
“My office has been inundated with calls and emails from concerned citizens confused and troubled by the new practice. Form letters have been mailed to permit holders explaining that their long-held licenses will not be renewed. Sheriff Hutchens will explain her new policy at the November 18 board meeting. All interested parties are encouraged to participate.

At that time, the Board will consider the following resolution:

The Orange County Board of Supervisors establishes the policy of the County of Orange that any person currently holding a concealed weapon permit be entitled to a renewal; and that revocation or non-renewal of such permits shall be done only when shown that the permit was misused.

The Orange County Board of Supervisors will work with the current Sheriff and future Sheriffs to articulate and maintain standards for permit applicants that are fair, understandable and in the interests of the safety of our citizens.”

That’s a powerful statement! He goes on to say in the LA Times:
"It's not like there's too many of them out there, relative to our population, I don't think it's excessive, so I don't see the need to reduce them."

Out of 5 Supervisors, only one is stepping out against CCW’s. Supervisor John Moorlach states:“I understand a Supervisor having concerns with an elected official. I certainly made my concerns public and agendized a matter last year with another elected official. My fear, however, is that the Board meeting may be counter-productive. Some people do tighten up when pressured to do something. Let's hope I'm wrong.”

How quick he forget’s – Hutchens was APPOINTED, not ELECTED!

Also, what does he have to say about this comment he sent out in an e-newsletter entitled “Why I voted for Sandra Hutchens” on or about June 11, 2008.
“I felt she had a better position on carrying concealed weapons. Her approach more closely mirrored the current policies and legal standards, which are working well.”

And what does the Sheriff have to say about all this Hoop-la? From the same LA Times Article as Norby’s statement:
Hutchens said she was surprised by the reaction. "There's so much important stuff going on with the department, I didn't expect there to be so much feedback on this," she said.

Wait!!! A Sheriff is surprised that the citizens of her county would put their personal safety above all else? In a county where the average police response time in a 911 situation is 7 ½ minutes?

It is clear that Sheriff Hutchens plans to take Orange County California to an LA County style of Policing.

This is the same Orange County which consistantly has cities ranked among the safest in the United States, but has been having a major crime increase since she took office. This is in contrast to an LA County which recently had 17 murders in one weekend.

Please folks, we need your help now. If you are from a surrounding county and can come, please do, if you are not, please email the board, and let them know how you feel. We need to FLOOD them, but please be respectful and courteous. And please visit OCCCWS | Together We Win for more on this.

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This is why I and many others left California,because of their stupid un-american laws,that only help criminals and put law abiding citizens at a disadvantage to the criminals that don't care what the gun laws say.

Good luck !!!

Hey ,but if you have $5,000 ,you can sue the city of L.A. and win your temp. right to carry concealed.
There is a court precedence of this in la la land....


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