Opinions...Taurus Millennium PT111 Pro - 9mm

it is a 3rd generation from everything that i see on it and on the web. the price is due to it knowing the owner of a pawn shop this was a gun that had never been fired that was put in for a loan and they did not come back for it and he gave me a deal on it had both 12 round clips all was wraped up and had by the looks of it never even been really handled. now i just have to get a good holster that is comfortable for in pants use.

Lifetime warranty

If you are worried about the taurus just send it in. Taurus' come with a lifetime warranty.
bought the pt 111 mill pro blued slide for my wife, we have not made it to the range yet but after a take down inspection I am pretty impresed
Thanks everyone. It's nice to know there is nothing particular to worry about with this gun, and I can rely on it if I should ever need to use it.

Now I just need to decide if this is the gun I truly want.

Thanks again!!!

Always remember when you buy a Taurus you're taking a chance. You only get a good one about 50% of the time, and when they,re bad all you have is an expensive club.Bought a Raging Bull in 454 and it would not fire double action with any kind of ammo. After two trips to Taurus and alot of double talk they told me I was using an improper grip...and I am a competitive shooter. My last and most recent experience came when I got hooked by the "Judge"The very first time I fired it the trigger would not come back to battery because the trigger space in the frame had not been ground properly and the trigger did not fit. In this case my blessed dealer gave me a refund and sent it back to Taurus.. I know these are 'freaks", but ask any gun expert or tester and most Taurus pieces get an extraordinarily low rating.Taurus is the "Saturday Night Special" of handguns.
I bought a PT 24/7 Compact DS in .40 S&W a few weeks ago and it shoots just fine so far after about 200 rounds. Looked at the Millennium side by side and the trigger pull on the 24/7 was a lot sweeter.
First box was 180 gr. FMJ which kicked a bit in the small frame 24/7 C but the "ribber" grips helped a lot. Next was a couple of boxes of155 gr. Remington TMJ which were more pleasant to shoot while plinking at tin cans out in the desert.
I too was shooting 3" low at 15 yrd.'s but figured out my problem with some help.
I was using the standard Weaver weak hand thumb over thumb grip with all fingers wrapped around the pistol's grip. A friend suggested I try moving the weak hand thumb onto the "dimple" on the frame above the front of the trigger guard and placing the weak hand index finger on the front of the trigger guard, a style of grip I had never tried before.
This style of grip helped me get back on target with the small frame 24/7 and helped me manage recoil better as well.

I bought this gun for CC so size & caliber were important factors on what to carry.
I'm running Hornady "Critical Defense" 165 gr. JHP's as my carry rounds because you never want to go cheap on ammo you may, God forbid, have to use to save your or another's life someday.
Always remember when you buy a Taurus you're taking a chance. Taurus is the "Saturday Night Special" of handguns.

Either I am fortunate, or haven't run enough rounds through it. I've had it for over a year now, and fired about 500 rounds through it...not one failure of any kind. I've used a few different brands...115 gr. and 124 gr. JHP and FMJ. Small and light weight for concealment...so far I'm happy with it.

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