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I hope this is an appropriate question for this place - but ya get good answers, ya come back with more questions....

I currently have a Glock 21sf. Love it, nice but too large to carry. Considering purchasing a G30sf for a number of reasons - one is it feels good in my hand.

Any comment or recommendations on other easy to carry product to consider? I'm not necessarily limiting the search to .45 Auto.

Thanks, in advance, for your suggestions.

From everything I can find the G30sf would be a great choice. Personally I prefer the Kimber Ultra Carry, mainly because I've been carrying one for quite some time. It's reliable, accurate and compact in size.
The HKP2000 SK LEM is my main carry. Great gun. If you want something a little thinner Walther makes a good choice. Check out the sites.The hk site shows the gun with hammer. If you get the LEM model it is DBL action only with no hammer.

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I really like my SW642 for a very concealed pocket carry. Rest of time Kimber custom ultra. Kimber on me most of time.
I carry the glock G36 subcompact in a .45 caliber. I use a leather galco inside the pants holster. works well for summer or winter applications.
The compact Glocks are pretty good. However, if you're looking to spend a little less, then you'll probably want to look at a Keltec, or even perhaps a derringer of some kind. If money is no object, Seecamp and Rohrbaugh make some good pocket pistols.
If you are really wanting to stay small Ruger has a new "pocket" gun out now in 380 cal. that looks pretty good. Check out their site.
My 2 Lincolns

For an inexpensive quality small handgun take a look at the Bersa line. I have the 380 concealed carry model and love it.
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I also have the Taurus PT145 Mil-Pro that is the same size as a G26 but holds 10+1 of 45.
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If you are really wanting to stay small Ruger has a new "pocket" gun out now in 380 cal. that looks pretty good. Check out their site.

Ditto on the Ruger LCP... a true pocket rocket is the new Ruger LCP in .380 auto. I am considering a purchase for my wife who currently carries a Taurus PT111 Millenium Pro in 9mm. She is torn between the Glock 26 or the new smaller easier to hide Ruger LCP.

The Ruger LCP? - Lightweight Compact Pistol
ParaOrdnance Warthawg .45 (10+1), KelTec .380, or Kahr CW9 with me at all times. An interesting concept I haven't had a chance to try out is NAA's .32NAA, which is a necked down .380
Ya' might want to look at the SA XD-45 SC. It is a great gun gun for CC. Although, for smaller people like me it carries a little too large. I'll be looking at the Colt New Agent. Gotta have my .45's!
Dont give up safety for size ! I carry my glock all the time, inside my paints with a small cheap holster for right hander,worn on left inside. 10 rounds . hint , add extenders onto clips for a little more handle. in todays protection , why limit your firepower to a few shells. most states have a 10 shot clip limit(which is nuts) try to carry a extra clip on the edge of holster too. once you "tilt" it just right, it molds into your side like a mistress.:flirt: I am always alone,photo shoots, travel, even golf. Even at golf, you can end up comming off the course late, and never know who, or what might come to be. I played the last four years totally armed. 62 years old, totally out of shape, small 5'4", and still drive 300 yards, ARMED., maybe someday I'll win ,and have to tell how I was armed when I got that hole in one. A true tiime to up-hold the rights of the 2nd ammendment in the face of the goodie-goodies..My smaller hands I'm thinking of starting to carry my 20 shot herstal..lighter than my glock loaded,! bigger grip, dead accurate , index finger ambidexterous safety. SLICK,just havent got the larger holster yet. hope that helps. another new choise, the larger capacity revolvers. and a 38 super doesnt get enough talk.:victory:
Well, I honor of getting my CPL in the mail, I went out and got the Glock 30sf. I think I shoot it better than my g21sf

Thanks for all of the suggestions. Before making a decision, I went to all of the websites and checked out the suggestions, then some. Went to a few stores, and looked and "felt" as well.

Thanks again for your help.
I carry a Springfield XD40 subcompact on occasion.... it's a good CCW gun........ generally I carry either my 4" 1911, or my full size 1911..... I have no trouble concealing either....

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