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My boys, 17 and 13 are wanting something a bit more shot for fun oriented than a .22 or shotgun, so I thought this xmas I would get them each a non-hunting sport rifle.

Back in the day, way back (I'm getting old! :shout:) I had a Mini 14. But in browsing with them we have found some alternatives and I really have no idea about some of these as I have never owned a lot of rifles myself (shot a lot though with the men in my life). I'm posting the short list (as it is now, it may change if someone has a better alternative).

I'm trying to keep in mind cost of the gun, cost and avail of ammo, avail of accessories, appropriateness for their age. I expect to have to ride out the panic and gouging now, and I’m not really afraid the Dems are gonna confiscate them next year. I’d like to keep cost for each boy at $750 or less, of course, the more less the better! :biggrin:

Russian American Armory Saiga 7.562
Ruger Mini 14
Kel Tec SU 16
Remington R15 VTR

Unfortunately with the the demand of firearms and ammunition shooting through the roof because of two branches of the federal government controlled by a predominately anti-2A party, you're going to have a difficult time keeping the price below $750 per tax deduction.

The following I am having a difficult time finding new
  • All AK variants
  • All AR-15s
  • Kel-Tec rifles
I just ordered a S&W M&P15R while they're still available.

If a pump action rifle is an option, a Remington 7615 might do the job, they accept AR-15 .223 magazines. Fortunately pump action firearms are not affected yet by the changing of the oval office.
I have a romanian AK-47 and love it.. it's a lot of fun to play around with.. although in that caliber an SKS is more accurate of a shooter and you can get one for around 200.. still a lot of fun too.
The Remington 700 PSS in .308 is a nice long rifle.

Not much kick and smooth to shoot.

I've owned one since 1998 and still love shooting it.
Go with the Ruger mini 14. It's a fun rifle to shoot and it's reasonably priced. Two of them together can probably be had for less than $750, if you look around.

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