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Hello all...wanted to get some opinions on what Glock to purchase for EDC. G23, or G30..... I currently have a sigma 9mm, but want to purchase a Glock. My question, is which one would be ideal for EDC and concealability? Also dont want to go broke on purchasing ammo.

Thanks for your opinions!


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get a 26 or 27 for edc

Can't beat a 26 or 27 for edc just go with the caliber you prefer. I have a 19 which I love but a little more of a pain to carry then the subcompact. For Edc I always opt for concealability and ease of carry. i know myself and I don't want to give my subconscious and laziness an excuse to not carry. That's why I have a Ruger LCP as well


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I have a Glock 30SF that I carry now and then. I have no complaints with it. Very accurate and reliable, but almost as bulky as my full sized Glock 21SF.


I have wrestled with the choice between a G30sf and G23 for a while (I have both). For me it came down to this: G30sf has 10+1, G23 has 13+1; G30sf has a wider slide than the G23 and is not as good for IWB although it's shorter in the barrel and grip; the .45 packs more punch than the .40 and will in most cases probably do the job more efficiently (although I think firepower of the .40 like the 9mm is underrated by most people as I notice that all three have the ability to stop the threat - bet I get letters on that one :D); both rounds cost about the same with the 9mm cheaper than either; in the Glock line, recoil is a non-issue for me due to design of the gun.
So I keep carrying the G23, mainly for the round count and a little easier IWB, and always use high power JHP ammo. But although +P is available for the .45 I have never seen any for the .40 (I use +P in my G21sf by the bed, but it's backup to the Moss 500 12ga).
Only thing I might offer is I would not buy a G30 until I've tried the G30sf - the grip reduction made a great difference for me because I have a G20 and like they say, it feels like holding a 2x4 or beer can with my smaller hands.


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The best of the two you speak of would be the one that you can grip good and shoot well. Both guns have very different grip widths, the G-19 is more slender than the G-30, but the G-30 has more knock down power. I myself carry the G-30 and I have 10 GLOCKS in all. Shoot and carry what word\ks for you best.


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I carry the G30SF everyday and couldn't be happier. It holds 10 + 1 of 45 and a reload using a G21 13 round mag. What's not to like? I'm skinny and I find it easy to conceal.


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I carry the Glock 36 a lot. It's easy to carry,conceal, and has a very comfortable grip.


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Concealable and cheap to shoot, I would go with the 26 or 19.Daily I carry my 26 without hassle or the need for shirts three times to big. Whatever caliber you choose just know that as long as it says GLOCK on the slide it will always go bang. Don’t pay attention to the GLOCK haters, it just gun envy.


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I own a G23c RTF-2 which is EDC. With any luck I will have a G27 by months end. The 23 is nice, and a fun gun to shoot - but it is a little hard for me to conceal with my body type. I've been thinking about the G30 but it is so close in size to the 23 that I fear it would work no better than what I already have.

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