Operation Fast and Furious’ Coverup Not Unique


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Interesting reading.

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Will anyone ever pay for this?

"But no agents were watching on the hidden cameras or waiting outside to track the firearms when Avila showed up. Howard faxed a copy of the sale paperwork to the ATF "after the firearms were gone," assuming they would catch up later. They never did. Between November 2009 and June 2010, according to an ATF agent's email to William Newell, then the special agent-in-charge in Phoenix, Avila walked away with 52 firearms after he "paid approximately $48,000 cash. The firearms consisted of FN 5.7 pistols, 1 Barrett 50 BMG rifle, AK-47 variant rifles, Ruger 9mm handguns, Colt 38 supers, etc.…"

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It seems like the investigation into this debacle is going really slow. Why hasn't there been a special prosecutor assigned yet?
I don't expect anyone to tell us what's going on. We're gonna have to dig for every fact morsel we can find.

David Codrea has a lot of information on the various gunwalker scams... and there are many.

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This entire administration has been a mess that requires a cover up... I'd choose dirt to cover it up if given the choice...

This goes way up... Admitting that you have no idea what goes on in an organization that is under your leadership, is an admission of ineptness... Or a high level cover up...


I have been following the Fast and Furious/Gunwalker debacle since about Oct. of last year. It has taken over 6 months just to get the media to even report on it (except for FOX). This scandal goes all of the way to the White House and was initiated to attempt to get new firearms legislation passed. Since Obama can't get firearms legislation passed through congress and the senate he was attempting to 'back door' getting new restrictions passed. The current example is BATFE requiring the south west states to register multipal long gun purchases within a week by a single individual.

We truly need to see those at the top and responsible for this scandal be prosecuited to the fullest.


Holder failed to act with Black Panthers at polling place, helped Gunrunners, failed to prosecute Bloomberg for AZ straw purchase, he is as big a crook as the President.


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More and more comming out. And now CBS is picking up on the true reason for F&F. Link Removed


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let's review. So far we now have proof of government agencies conducting covert operations just to argue for controversial new rules about gun sales which we all know will lead to further restrictions of our rights and currently trying to legalize the arrest and detention of American citizens without trial. Just makes a person think about how many more of these covert operations the government has in store for us. Of course we all know its to make us safe. My only question is who's going to protect us from the government. If this scandal doesn't wake people up then God help us.

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