Opening Weekend Was a Bust (With PHOTOS)


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Well, I slept in later than I would have liked on Saturday morning. For once, I was glad that the baby woke up at 4:30. Made me realize that I had "snoozed" for over an hour. Grabbed the baby out of the crib, gave him to the wife, and got dressed. Ended up getting to the camp just before sunrise. So I went to my intended location, found a deadfall tree, and settled in the little "foxhole" where the root-ball used to be. Squirrels were active as hell, I saw some woodpeckers get into a battle, hawks were screaming, turkeys were calling....but no deer. About 8:30, I turned my doe bleat can call over and heard footsteps behind me. Rather than sitting patiently, I tried to get up. When I poked my head over the top of the root ball, I saw a deer turning around and strolling off. Damn. Packed it in for the day. Of 15 trucks at the camp that morning, nobody killed a deer all day.

The next morning, a buddy put me in one of his stands. I saw a spike around 8:30, and he saw me. Blew out of there like a scalded dog. 45 minutes later, 3 does came trotting by, but due to the setup of the stand, I couldn't get a shot off. Plus, I was anticipating a big buck to come by soon, hoping that's what was driving the does. Nope. Damn spike came back. Busted day again. I'll try again on this long weekend coming up.

Meanwhile, enjoy these 2 pictures from the weekend.

This was taken just before 6:30. It's sunrise on Saturday over the Hatchie River in western Tennessee. Even though the deer population stayed the same, this is what it's all about.
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I saw this when I climbed out of the stand. It appears to be a large cat's in Cougars! I doubt it is, probably a coincidental print combination, but it still keeps the conspiracy fires burning.
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Better luck

Sorry about striking out. I have been hunting on a lease up in KY since crossbow season opened and finally tagged a small buck Saturday 11/21. He was a basket 6pt, but has broken both sides of his rack fighting. After all those weeks of striking out I was following the rule: "if it's brown, IT'S DOWN".

Not a wallhanger, but he made my boy happy and will fill the freezer. :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin::butcher:
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Small Buck in the Tree is better than what we all did. Nephew came down with a bug and it was all down hill from there ... Ain't no thang The weather has been ok and the air is fresh ...
Hot in Dixie

Know the feeling about bumming out with the deer. Its been smokin hot here in MS,hi today was 68 I think. Finally supposed to be cold Thanksgiving day,but I have to start a turkey smoking so I'm just going behind the house in the morning. One of these days the deer will start moving. Right now theyre all moving in the middle of the night. Happy Thanksgiving !!

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