OPEN RANGE DAYS / Private Outdoor Shooting Range Rental - Dawson/Forsyth Counties



I know a lot of you are always looking for outdoor ranges to train because lets face it, indoors just doesn't allow you to actually train, just target shoot. Hope this helps some of you out.

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Open Range Days: Our private outdoor shooting range (located in southern Dawson County) is available for private citizens to use when we aren't holding training courses. We have a 30 yard small arms area, along with 100 & 200 yard long gun shooting positions. We allow up to 4 people to use the facility at a time. We provide the target stands, backers and staplers, along with movable cover stands (with cut outs). We also have a miniature mock hallway with a standard house door to train entry and wall movement skills. We sell paper targets ($1 or $2 CASH ONLY) depending on type of target chosen if you don't have your own. Long gun & small arms range cannot be used simultaneously, so plan accordingly.

A chance to shoot on the move, utilize cover, shoot from different positions, practice as a team, train entry and decision skills, long guns, transitions, and anything else you want to do. We will be on hand to explain range limits and for overall safety checks, but other than that, the range is yours for the time block. Kit (vests, helmets, thigh rigs, etc..) may be worn.

Open Range Day TIMES & FEES (check website calendar for availability) (Also willing to accommodate, so let us know a day you want to come out and we will try and make it happen)
9am - 12pm / 1pm - 4pm
$30 per person

We rent for 3 hour blocks as past clients have averaged close to this time with set up, magazine loading, drill set ups, etc...

Please contact us with any questions...
Ironclad Firearms Training LLC
[email protected]

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