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To all within driving distance of Trenton, NJ:

We have a one time opportunity to speak to Governor Corzine’s Handgun Task Force.

The Handgun Task Force is going to review all NJ gun laws over the next 18 months (starting from July 27), starting with a review of the one-handgun-a-month law.

There is an open public meeting on September 24, at 11:00am at the State House Annex, Committee Room 4, in Trenton, NJ.

Anyone can attend, but if you want to testify, you have to call Sobande Afolabi, in the Gov’s Counsel’s office, 609-777-2462.

I called the State House Annex and confirmed that Committee Room 4 holds only about 150 people. Therefore, it is critical that we get there early and with as many people as possible.

I am sure that, whether you live in New Jersey, or you have to drive through New Jersey occasionally, that you are equally as fed up with the ridiculous gun control laws in this state. This is one of those very rare occasions where we can actually be heard.

If anyone chooses to attend, please post as such. I am going to be posting this on multiple forums and I would like to keep a running total of those attending.

Thanks for your help and good luck to everyone!



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Just in case there are any NJ residents following this thread.

This is the list of those "invited" to testify in front of the TF.

Scott L. Bach, Esq., National Rifle Association
Frank Caso -- Owner of Caso's Gun-A-Rama Inc in Jersey City, NJ
Kathy Chatterton -- National Champion, 2009 Standard Pistol
Thomas Comey, Police Chief, Jersey City Police Department -- Stated that pump action shotguns are assault weapons
Craig Dear -- unknown
Stan Gurski, New Jersey Arms Collectors
Jerramiah T. Healy, Mayor, Jersey City -- supports OGAM and other gun control
Andrew Jennison, National Rifle Association Institute for Legislative Action
Carol Katona, Citizen’s Rifle & Revolver Club
David Lang -- ANJRPC -- Director, International Pistol
Dale Leddon -- unknown
Carl Leisinger -- expert witness in firearms and ballistics -- high power shooter
Jake McGuigan, National Shooting Sports Foundation
Evan F. Nappen, Esq. -- pro gun attorney
Gary Needleman, Esq. -- pro gun attorney
Butch Sacco, New Jersey Retail Dealers Association
George Shivery, Jr., Mullica Rife and Pistol Club, Mayor, Gibbstown
Brian Sisz -- Owner of the Sportmen's Center, Bordentown, NJ
Mitchell Sklar, New Jersey Association of Chiefs of Police (position on the issue unknown)
Ed Tarpy, New Jersey Retail Dealers Association
Don A. Toenshoff -- President, Central Jersey Rifle & Pistol Club
Robert L. Viden, Association of New Jersey Firearms Retailers

It is very important that anyone who can attend does so to support the folks that are testifying on our behalf.

If anyone knows anything about those that I listed as unknown, please let us know who they are and their position of the issue. Thanks!



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I found this on one of the other sites:

For those unable to attend but still wishing to provide comments on the topic, please send a short, polite email to:

[email protected]

Sallye (yes, that is the correct spelling) is in the State House counsel's office and will make sure your comments get to the Handgun Task Force.

The State House Counsel's office is the Gov's Counsel's office. I talk to Sallye from time to time when I submit OPRA requests. She is very helpful.

You don't have to be from NJ to weigh in. All of the NJ laws apply to anyone who drives into or through NJ. An example of an email is:

I am unable to attend the Handgun Task Force meeting, but would like to know if the state of NJ has any intention of modifying its current conceal carry permit status / procedures.

NJ is marked as a may issue state, but I have never heard of anyone actually getting a carry permit, especially for self defense or 2nd Amendment purposes. The states bordering NJ, currently do issue permits to residents and PA issues to non-residents. Being a resident of a state that theoretically issues permits I can not get a permit from PA without first receiving a NJ permit. The current NJ laws / regulations are not only impacting residents while in NJ, they are also impacting residents when traveling outside of the state.

Additionally I would like to understand why the state is focusing so much on “gun control”, versus what the issues really are which are crime, the apprehension, prosecution and detention of criminals. Laws as imposed by the state impact law abiding citizens and not criminals. Instead of imposing stronger restrictions on us law abiding citizens why not enforce the laws and go after those breaking the law. Stop treating law abiding, peaceful citizens as criminals.

Thank you for your time,


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