Open Carrying & asked to leave.


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My wife and I are getting ready for a vacation and went to our bank (Wells Fargo) to deposit about $90 worth of coins. I'm open carrying like I always do. They've never had a problem with it in over 5yrs. They don't have a coin counter so we had to sit there and roll all of it up. They were very pleasant and talkitive while we counted and rolled everything up. It took about 45minutes. Then we went to a grocery store. My son's bank (Chase) is inside said store. We were dealing with an associate and after about 15 minutes the manager comes up to me (very polite) and says they don't allow open carry in their bank. I said no problem at all, and proceed to cover it up. Then he tells me they don't allow concealed carry either. I told him if I were CC'ing he wouldn't have known. He then says it's because banks are concidered Federal Bldg's. I said no there not, the closest they are to ANYTHING federal is their accounts are federally insured! He's taken back a little. I say there's no problem sir as I will leave but oh by the way you need to put up signage that states no weapons at your entrances. Then he's surprised to hear that if he had called the PD on me that the only thing that would have resulted is if I insisted on staying, that I would be cited for a misdemeanor trespassing ticket. I told him it's all in Idaho Statutes Title 18 Chapter #33. He looks at me like "What the Hell, are you a fat, old attorney?" LOL So now we have audience, so I take advantage of it. I tell him a little louder that there was a reason Wells Fargo had a shotgun on the stagecoach, and then later an armed guard inside their banks. That's because the only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is to have a good guy with a gun. He said "I don't believe that“, so I said if a bank robber was walking into his branch and saw my weapon that he'd probably just turn around and leave. He kind of agreed. He said thank you for being so nice about it and I said no problem at all and that I'd even help him out. He was puzzled so I said I would MAKE SURE to let ALL my gun owning friends and supporters know of your policies and that after they closed their accounts, there wouldn't be ANY more problems. He said he was sure it wouldn't come to that, then my son stepped up to him and requested that the teller right next us CLOSE his account. The timing was SO perfect, it was like it was a script! It felt good and most of the tellers gave us a thumbs up as we left. Later All,
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Did you hear that, Dennis? That was the sound of me proudly clapping, all the way down here in Louisiana. Well done.


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Open Carrying & asked to leave.

I worked 4 years as branch manager for Chase. Let me tell you that the manager is completely wrong. Chase does not have any policy against customer carry. CC or open. You should call customer service and request the name and address of the Regional Manager and the Market Manager (big bosses) and let them know about your experience. Believe me they are going to talk with that manager....


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Having spent 4 years living and travelling across all of Southern Idaho in the mid-70's, I know, even then, there were some that thought they knew better than most of us. It is amazing how you were able to school this idiot in the law. That is absolutely the first time I heard anyone claim that a bank, because it had federally insured accounts, was a federal institution. If that was the case, that would make the bank employees federal workers? Better keep that under our hats or obummer will try to make that a reality then unionize the "federal bank" employees.
-----I'll bet that manager had to go home to change his underwear after he realized what he had just done and how was he going to explain all the lost deposits to his boss.
-----Fantastic job of teaching this character.


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If an employee says the bank is a Federal facility ask them: #1 who the Federal employees are that are working there getting paid by the Federal government, because that is what the definition of a Federal facility is: that portion of a building where Federal employees are regularly present in the performance of their duties. And #2 where is their sign that is required to be posted conspicuously at every entrance to the building required by 18 USC 930, which is the Federal facilities law?

Good job handling it :)


We legal carriers and that is any American under the 2nd Amendment, don't need the gun to hit them in the pocketbook.
Nice job. Guys like that bank manager need to be taught that ignorance has consequences. I'd relay the incident to his boss too.


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Thank you to all of you. Now I have studied the ccw & oc laws in the states I frequent, but the other stuff I said was from posts here and in other gun forums. After you've been in a forum for awhile you learn who to listen too and who's full of Bull$hit. That's why God gave us 2 ears & 1 mouth, because you're supposed to listen twice as much as you talk! Later my friends my vacation starts in the morning. Oregon then Washington, it's just to bad it won't be on my motorcycle! Stay Safe! Later

Dennis in Idaho


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Open Carrying & asked to leave.

What happened to the good ole days when banks used to give out guns as a gift for opening an account with them?

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