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Can someone here clear up some confusion? Is it legal to open carry in FL or not? I don't think it is; I was under the impression that only concealed carry was allowed unless you were hunting or a uniformed security guard. A friend of mine is telling me that open carry is allowed without a permit.

Anyone here have first hand knowledge on this?

I believe FL law states that a private citizen CAN open Carry on their property. (home or business) I think there is also a Hunting/Fishing clause. But everyday walking around Open Carry is illegal.
Johioss is absolutely right on this. You can open carry on your property or business. A great resource on FL gun laws is a book called "Florida Firearms Law, Use & Ownership" by Jon Gutmacher. Excellent book by an attorney whose practice specializes on gun defense issues. Every Florida resident should hunt down a copy.
+1. The map on lists Florida as one of six states where open carry is illegal even with a CCW permit.
I wish I could even think about getting a CCW here in Maryland. Open carry is technically "legal", but it is basically not. Only on private property can you actually open carry. Anywhere within the sight of anyone who will be upset by the sight of a gun is illegal. Rediculous.
The open carry movement has been gaining ground here in WA state. They normally have monthly meetings in vairous parts of the state but I haven't been able to attend due to my schedule. I normally CC but like to OC on occaision.
It's very confusion in FL. I can't tell if there is an exemption for open carry while hunting. I have certainly seen a number of folks hunting and carrying openly....again, this was in FL.
Open carry in Florida is only allowed if your on your property, or at a place wherever you have a legal right to be but still private property, hunting, fishing, camping or at an approved gun range or traveling to or from your residence. some businesses allow it only if you are an employee. check out fl state statue 790.25 and 790.05. Ccw is also restrictive to common sense. open carry of mace or certain tasers is allowed, but again consult the law first to protect yourself.
what about open carry on your own property if you live 100 yards from a school zone? The only reason I ask is if I am mowing my yard I like to take my shirt off. In this case you can see my IWB holster and pistol grip sticking out.

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