Open Carry with a CPL


OC for Tactical Advantage
toendanger:222404 said:
Well that's exactly what I meant by saying trouble, being detained. If you don't mind, then go ahead and flash yer gun around all u want. You're correct though, more than likely you won't be convicted. It all depends on the situation. Like others have said, its better to avoid the situation. I would rather avoid the hassle period. That's the point I was trying to get across. Also I never said it was necessary to tell police you carry. I said I would rather avoid the hassle. If I tell them immediately then he won't question me versus not tell him, get out and I have a gun on my hip he'll be surprised. It's all up to the officer. He can do whatever he wants, whether it be excessive or not. Again I would rather avoid that situation. Who knows maybe he'll be so happy you told him, maybe you'll get out of a ticket!

So... Back on topic.. are you AT RISK of losing yer permit if you oc? Yes there is a risk however small. Why risk it?

Yes, cc avoids a lot of hassle. I don't flaunt my gun ever when I open carry. If I do get detained they better be ready for a fight in court.

I never said it was necessary or unnecessary to tell police. It's up to the carrier to decide. We have different decision on the topic. In the end, the officer should not treat either of us differently. We are both law abiding citizens, we both deserve the same amount of respect. If he does ask me to get out of a vehicle I will tell him, but he better have a good reason for detaining me at that point. He might be happy you told him, he might be psychotic and threaten to murder you.

What is the risk? Being charged for not committing a crime? Cause I see as much higher risk driving a car compared to open carrying when it comes to losing your CPL.

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