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I went to an open carry meeting in ohio today. it was at a pancake restaurant. there were 5 of us carrying semi autos and sat at a table right next to the front door. we were there for an hour, talked in the parking lot for 20 minutes while people were going right past us. no cops, panick alarms, didn't get booted. it was like everyone had blinders on an didn't see anything. nobody even asked us about it. this was a good time . I can't wait till the next meeting.

we we talking on having a booth a state fairs and other public functions to educate people on the right to OC. we're planning on having power point presentations, flyers and other educational material.already have one member writing letters getting gun buster signs removed from facilities.
the meetings are in dayton. the next meeting is 28th at an old funeral home, not old as in ancient but as in ex. we also have an informal meeting every 2nd thursday of the month at bunnys hasty tasty pancake house just off 35 in dayton.
I am from Ashland so it is a bit of a drive, but I may show up some time. What time of the day do you meet?
And thanks for the info.

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