Open Carry LEO Encounter - Philly Suburbs


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This happened back in September...

Open Carrying my 1911 on my right hip at 4:00, I was picking up my daughter from work around 10pm and got the "since you're out pick me up a Wawa coffee" from my wife. (for those not from this neck of the woods - Wawa is the local version of a 7-11)

Radnor PD cruiser in the Wawa parking lot - I see the officer in line at the register, store has 10-12 people in it. I park right next to him. Daughter stays in the car. I went in and went to the coffee machine. He noticed me and after paying for his bottle of water, stayed in the store and watched me. I got the coffee and came behind him. I carried the cup of coffee in my right hand (I needed the left to get the cash out of my wallet). We both got in line. He got a paper, I paid for the coffee and followed him out. He held the door open for me (twice) and I thanked him (twice) He walked to my right as we went to our cars and each went on our way.

I consider this an outstanding LEO encounter. He was professional and courteous while he discretely made sure nothing was going on that he needed to deal with and then went about his business.

Always nice to hear a good encounter from around Philly area, I live up in the sticks of NEPA and usually only hear horror stories about cops in and around Philly. Of course, even the events in your story would be weird to me, I'm so used to knowing the cops around here and having them ask if we could go outside and check out my new piece when I'm carrying something different. But it's good to know that there are GOOD LEO encounters around city-folk!

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