Open carry in recreational areas


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I would love to see a national movement for open carry in wilderness recreational areas. This will go a long way towards stopping the recent rash of hiker murders and the like. Criminals don't like armed citizens and definitely won't like losing an area where it is easy to commit a horrific crimes. The same thing should hold true for anywhere outside the city limits but I would be happy with Natl. Park Carry either open or CCW. In AK most parks are open carry for bear defense. At least they have it right.


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I agree. National Parks could be a vary dangerous place. There are very remote areas that if you need help you would be out of luck. Murder and attacks are not all that rare. I for one would not be camping in the back woods areas with out protection.


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I also agree. Not only what you have mentioned, but what about when you are simply traveling down the interstate that crosses national park property. This presents an unreasonable problem.

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I have open carried in national forests lands and also BLM land. IMHO it makes sense not only for protection from 4 legged varments but the really dangerous 2 legged kind.

I really wish some of our young people would do so too. Each year there are a number of murders out in the wilds along trails in remote places ect. Not to mention the Mountain Lion attacks rattlers etc.

I think more of the general public is feeling the same way too after all the mdia attention on these attacks too. I hope so at least.

You do get a few strange looks though to be sure. I really noticed that after a pair of female hikers had been murdered up in WA state in 2006. I think everyone was a bit worried but man I did not have any long conversations on the trail about it with anyone.

I think if you are going to open carry when out in the woods etc. It is a good idea to carry a copy of the pertenant statute so you can educate the public especially the LEO's who may get a panicky report of a guy with a gun. Know the law and be prepared to explain it as well.


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Seems that some park will not let you carry small calaber guns because of just really pissing of a bear. 357 or larger.


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I like this idea. I have never open carried just because people seem to freak out at the site of a non-officer with a gun.. but in the deep woods somewhere why not?

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