Open Carry in NH

I'll be moving to NH at the end of May and was wondering about NH's open carry. I know it's legal and I know people do it as evidenced by Dave Ridley's YouTube clips of him being stopped and bothered by the cops.

What I'm asking is will I be perpetually harassed by paranoid people calling the cops everytime I walk out my front door and if called can I expect the cops to kill an hour of my day standing around and doing the "we don't know what the hell to do" dance?

Just a suggestion, why not just ask Ridley on His website. He's one person who would know THAT answer.
This can get into a BIG debate. I Myself can see Both sides of the issue...concealed and open. Some gun abbiding citizens would rather keep their firearm/s myself. The way I see it is, if more guns are open to the public, they, who do not know anything about firearms at all will start calling their State Rep. complaining and it'll only be a matter of time when that Rep. will try and change the law. I have no problem with what Ridley is doing because I understand the firearm (My Rights). BUT I also don't want anyone to know I'm carrying a firearm/s plus I do not want to be bothered by anyone OR the police for that matter.
"Live Free Or Die"

(All the above are My suggestions and/or opinions.....AND, I like to bust balls. It's called having a sense of humor)
Personally, I do not want to advertise that I am carrying. Open carry invites the BG to shoot you first since he/she knows you are a threat. Concealed gives you the advantage over the BG, IMHO.

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