Open Carry and Alcohol Limits

Why would you even consider drinking and carrying cc or oc?

Because it's my RIGHT, of course. I usually wait until voting day, you know, when the sheep are gonna vote on all kinds of stuff, like CC and OC, and I then I march up and down the street outside the voting locale with an orange AK, wearing camo and jackboots, and pulling on a bottle of Jack Daniels. I'm not drunk, you understand, and by God, whatever I want to wear and carry is LEGAL and I don't care what anybody thinks. Because it's my RIGHT. :hang2:

St Pauli Girl N.A. ... the answer to all the problems. Tastes like a really good beer and non-alcohol. Your body will burn off the less than .05% that may be in it with the effort simply of drinking the drink.
Excuse me if I am repeating but I really have a problem with drinking and CC or OC. If you drive over the limit, as far as I am concerned, you should be fined $1,000 and go to jail--period, end of story. If you do it a second time, you should be fined $5,000 and be put away for a year. If you injure someone in any of these escapades you should be tried for some form of serious jail time felony within the felonious assault, manslaughter statutes. It should be no different for over the limit on CC or OC, but the limit should be something a whole lot less than .08--say, per the writer, .02. Maybe a casual beer---better yet---nothing. I still fall on the side of abstinence. You have been given an awesome right having a firearm in your possession and if you cannot be responsible enough to understand that, you have no business having a CC or OC permit and should be punished severely for such an infraction.
But again, who are you to determine if I should have a drink or not. The question is IMPAIRMENT not the fact that you fear alcohol. Your argument is EXACTLY the same as the one the anti's use about guns. I fear them, so therefore no one should be allowed to have one.

Consumption of alcohol, like it or not may well also be considered a RIGHT, and since it has already been tested (the 18th ammendment was passed and repealed) it actually has a stronger standing than the second ammendment, so if one decides that there should be an absolute of no guns and alcohol together, it is more likely that they (those with the power to do such) will remove right to carry the gun before they will try to remove the right to consume alcohol a second time
"Impairment" being so subjective, I question it's use as a criteria for carry. What's "impaired"?

The same question could be asked of the limits for DUI. The answer chosen by most states is to pick a fairly reasonable number and run with it.
Hey 2beararms: With all due respect to your last post, your arguments about drinking and comparing comments to the anti-gun arguments and the Constitution is extremely lame and fallacious. It really is not worth further discussion from me and I have seen enough on this thread that I choose not to enter it again, so if you intend to reply or send a message, you will not be doing it to me. Have a brew on me.
O.K. Here goes..again. Maybe I wasn't clear enough with my last statement on this subject.
You can always use a hammer to hit that mosquito on your face, it's your right but would you just because it is your right.
Why does anyone carry in the first place? I think maybe, just maybe since you have a right to life and a gun is the "equalizer" and a very expedient and efficient way to protect that life!
You perceive a real threat (danger to your existence) and you defend yourself with "Johnny Roscoe" (gun, if you're not an old movie fan or a fan of old movies :) )
Never been in that situation but I read accounts. I doubt that anyone that who has been in that situation was 100% sure he or she would not be arrested or end up in some court defending his decision to use "lethal force".
Does anyone really need a jury of your "peers" ( I have been on a jury and know the idiocy of some of a jury's rationale) thinking that poor judgement may have been involved just because someone saw "drink" in front of you at your table let alone seeing you have a beer or alcoholic drink. Aren't there enough things against those of us trying to exercise our right to protect our life or life of others. That life given to us by our "Creator" therefore our obligation to protect it. That right which is enumerated in our Constitution so that no government can take it away. ( for those out there that are atheists you would be wise to adopt that idea of "creator" for this purpose..... men that give you a right can take it away. Right to life given by a creator pre exhists mans law. (just go with that idea, it will serve you well)
I don't need anyone doubting my decision to use "lethal force" as necessary just because I had the "right" to have a beer. You can have a beer and you can shoot the BG. I just think it unwise to do both unless you have the drink after you shoot the BG.
I think it's called RESPONSIBILITY.IF WE ALL TRIED TO ACT IN A RESPONSIBLE MANNER IT WOULD GO A LONG WAY in preserving a manner in which to protect our lives. It already spins my head realizing how many people out there think the only ones that should have guns are the police and the military. This astounds me. Maybe because I have only had my CCP for just under a year.
As I sit here freezing my ass off due to "global warming" let me quote the great oracle "The debate is over!" If you want to drink don't carry. You have survived in the past without carrying! What's that you say? "You never know when or what may happen out there so you always carry" Then you have made my point....DON'T DRINK!
Be prepared.
Im from Michigan. I do not carry with any BAC. It is moronic. Yeah I might win a fight and live for another day. But there will be hell to pay for it. There are secondary options for self defense. If you dont know this, then maybe you shouldnt carry a gun in the first place. Learn those first and then CPL. Now having said that, I have sat down at the bar with LEO and drank beer and they drank too. But they were CC. Was I packing? Hell NO! That is against the law. Many here mentioned responsibilty. Thats the MAIN act of us non LEO CCW citizens. Do LEO have extra rights as to alcohol BAC? No. But they can sit down in a bar and have a beer CCW . I cannot. If someone wants to argue about this, dont waste my time or yours. It is a fact.

Here in Michigan you can hand your carry gun(s) over to another CPL and then drink alcohol as long as the receipient doesnt drink also. They take loan/possesion legally of your gun. On occasion I have employed this option of the law.

I will say that the premise of this OP is lacking and because of that some of us feel compelled to respond.
The same question could be asked of the limits for DUI. The answer chosen by most states is to pick a fairly reasonable number and run with it.

True enough. But what's reasonable?

I'm 6'2" and 280 lbs; I don't even notice 2 stiff drinks. However, I have watched one friend, much smaller and a fairly docile guy, ride his scoot like a maniac after 2 drinks. That's why I question what's "impaired". I imagine trying to convince a jury that I was "unimpaired" after 2 drinks. It's just an argument that can't be won, IMHO.

Doesn't everyone who's drinking claim that they're fine? How many times have you seen that?

For me, if I'm around someone who is carrying and they reach for a drink, I'm gone. The drinker, may feel fine about it but I'd rather not risk it. I'm NOT for restricting rights, you want to drink and carry, your call. But I won't be around it and if you end up having to use your weapon, good luck.
I agree, and the same goes for driving limits. Alcohol affects different people differently; even at the same BAC. I wouldn't personally drink if I was carrying, but I just don't like the laws that spell out "zero-tolerance" for drinking. Better to leave it up to a jury whether a SD incident was legal.
This is my first post, so consider please the source.

Michigan's DUI is .08, but if driving with a CCW and weapon within reach, its a CCW vioation at .02. It's not a DUI violation however. I don't know what it would be if I was not driving.

Question -
Does anyone know the Michigan alcohol test limit for an open carry, in the cart and/or out of it? Could it be the same .02, which is maybe two beers or one mixed drink.

Two year ago, I got a "Failure to Disclose" and the fine was $545 and a six month CCW suspension. The second would be $1,000 and a revocation.

You were convicted of a ccw violation. Now you are asking how much can you drink before you are in violation again. May I suggest you consider more training?

Why anyone would injest a central nervous system depresant, and carry a loaded firearm is just stupid.
Need to drink? Store your firearm. Enjoy.
Hey iceman: You really do have to shake your head when you read some posts. They are not even embarrassed by their words.
You were convicted of a ccw violation. Now you are asking how much can you drink before you are in violation again. May I suggest you consider more training?

Why anyone would injest a central nervous system depresant, and carry a loaded firearm is just stupid.
Need to drink? Store your firearm. Enjoy.
I agree with you fully on this. My husband will leave his carry at home if he has to go out for a quick errand and he already had a beer (or two). If we are going out to dinner with some friends or to an event, if he already had a beer or a shot of whiskey earlier, he'd always ask if I am carrying because he is not. I do not drink...or let me put it this way, I will not die if I do not drink. My legs are too short and I do not drink often so I get affected by alcohol quick smart.
Hey iceman: You really do have to shake your head when you read some posts. They are not even embarrassed by their words.

I wouldn't be this hard on 'em, Kelcarry. That's why people post on these forums, I guess, to get others' take on a particular issue. I've had my mind changed once or twice, or at least, have had reason to pause to consider an issue I hadn't thought of. For me and you and some others, drinking and carrying is absolutely out of the question. But, some states do allow it (yikes!) and so it is worthy of discussion. Hopefully, we change some minds or again, at least give them something more to think about. Just my .02 cents.
Guns and alcohol don't mix well, so they never should be around each other. When the alcohol comes out, the guns need to already have been put up.

Alcohol lowers inhibitions and will cause you to allow yourself to do something stupid. Guns don't have a mind of their own since they are just mechanical objects, so they can't stop you no matter how bad a decision it is when you pull the trigger and you can't take back bullets.
Information from the police on anything to do with the carrying of a firearm, at least in my experience, will not be entirely truthful and on some of the more obscure issues, most likely just wrong.

Look them up or contact a PRO GUN attorney.

I find myself educating the LEOs more than they've educated me.....

For example, how many LEOs in Kentucky know that you can OC a firearm into a bar as long as it's UNLOADED. Concealed carry is forbidden and most would think that of OC too. I would bet you, 9 out of 10 wouldn't believe me unless I showed it to them in black and white.

In Virginia you can carry open, NO concealed in an establishment licensed to serve alcohol. No "unloaded" requirement.
Sorry, I was too drunk to realize what you were saying the first time around :biggrin:.

Well seriously now... What you say is true, however, having a beer or a glass of wine with dinner to me is totally different than "drinking". If you are impaired to any degree on one beer, then you ARE an alcoholic because only the physical allergic reaction will impair a normal human with one drink.

Additionally, the ludicrous rule of not being able to carry into places that SERVE alcohol to prevent people from drinking and carrying simply hurts decent restaruants and the economy. To say I cannot defend myself in an establishment because my wife wants a glass of wine with dinner is rediculous.

The RULE here is RESPONSIBILITY!!! If you are going to be a drunk and carry a gun, the odds are you are going to do it with or without a law and probably are not that likely to bother to get a permit.

Very well said! It should be that you CAN carry OC or CC as long as you DON'T drink. That way, at least somebody may have their wits about them in case it hits the fan!
I don't Not Drink Anymore. At one time, Years Ago, I Thought About Drinking as a Career.... So Gave it Up.
I've Read the Posts...and Everyone seems to be taking it to extremes. I would NEVER advocate Guns and Booze...But, Let's face real world. This gets into the When do I carry or When Not? You should ALWAYS CARRY... So this Falls into the "I Guess I will NEVER Drink" area...when out. But, Drink at home? (Alone?) Wrong...Real World, You are Going to Dinner with your wife or Girl... You Carry. You Have one glass of wine... One Drink per Hour. That is the Limit... (Or Whatever LESSER Amount works for you..) Stopping by a Friends House and having a Beer while watching a Sports Game.. Then Driving home, LEGAL, is with a Carry Pistol as well. If you get angry, argue, messy, blurry, impaired in anyway, then you know YOUR limit... Don't do it. If you have a Problem and Don't know your limit, Then get Help, Dont Drink and Drive and Dont Carry a Gun.
I have never Heard of a case... (Except when the Shooter was DRUNK...Read DRUNK) that the question of one drink had a role... Prosecutors are used to running the law...if the LAW Says you were under the limit, you are under the limit. If you are Over, You are OVER... Period.
Bars are Not Legal to Carry in Any State that I know Of... But, Restaurants are... IF THE BUSINESS is Marketed or Profits more than 50-60% From FOOD... If Booze is the Business with some "bar Food", its a Bar...Leave the Gun in Car.
I go out and play pool at a Pub, that has a Bar area, but is a Sit down Restaurant. They Market the place as a Restaurant/Pub... That is Legal. Going to "Corner Bar" and Sitting at the Bar and having three Scotches in an Hour is a Mess, and Leave the Gun home.
My Experience ..Worth all of 2 Cents... Spend it Wisely. God Bless, Stay Safe, Captain.

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