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Hand guns simply can be defined as a small and compact weapon for self-defense. Hand guns for sale have seen a rise in the past few years.
They can be held and fired from the same hand and are small in size. Best hand gun for self defense is scientifically designed as a weapon for self-protection, which can be easily carried and used in dire situations.Why Are Handguns a Popular Means for Self-Defense?

With the time and trend, handguns have become a popular means for self-defense. The main reason for the popularity of handguns is their compact size and easy usage. These guns can be easily carried around, as they are small in size. New handguns, hand guns for sale, cheap hand guns and discount hand guns with new features and utilities make them quite popular among people who have fascination and requirement of arms for their safety.How Do Handguns Differ From Rifles and Shot Guns?

Rifles and shotguns have different components and action while using them. For example the barrel of shotguns is designed differently compared to the barrels of rifles. Rifles have thick barrels whereas shotguns have thin walls. As handguns are not placed on shoulders while shooting the way long guns are, the size of barrels are far smaller than the long guns. The types of ammunition used in these guns also differ to quite an extent. These basic differences set them apart from each other.What Are Gun Holsters?

Carrying a self-defense arm can sound secure but the main problem arises while keeping them in the right place. Holsters are more like hand gun safe. Gun holsters are the clothing that are specifically designed to hold guns. They can also be termed as the safest container for holding handguns. They are designed to provide easy accessibility of guns in need and also keeping them intact and safe when not in use. Hand gun holsters are available in different sizes and materials to suit one's need.The main purpose of Hand Gun Holsters is listed below:

  • It protects the gun when not in use
  • The chances of the gun getting stolen is reduced if it is kept in a holster
  • It protects the gun from getting damaged
  • It acts as hand gun safe
  • It provides easy accessibility to the gun when needed
Types of Hand Guns

Best hand gun for self defense in the market are mainly of four types. They are:Revolving Pistols

Revolving pistols also known as revolver. They are one of the best in the handguns category. They have multiple utility, the main features of a revolver includes safety, accuracy, strength and various types of cartridges that can be loaded in it. These advantages of revolver make it an ideal choice for its' use in the ground and in hunting purposes.Semi Automatic Pistols

It is one of the favored types of handguns introduced for military purpose. It gained popularity as soon as it was discovered. They are self-loading and are quite used for shooting sports. They are not used for hunting, as the cartridges that are loaded in it don't have the strength needed for hunting purposes. Single Shot Pistols

Single shot handguns are designed mostly for hunting purposes or target. The barrel is longer and it can chamber wide variety of cartridges. The barrels are interchangeable and hence make it flexible for usage. Single bolt action is one of the popular types of single shot pistols available today. Various action features provided in single bolt action gun by various manufacturers lure hunting people to buy them.Derringers

Derringers have been popular as a small, handy and single barrel pistol. They are compact and can be easily concealed. These guns are not repeaters and more than one barrel is needed after one shot. They are mostly suitable for self-protection and close range shooting.

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Here is a great site for women and men too.

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I especially like the "Ask Gunhilda" section
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