Online Police scanners....


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Just a couple of sites to keep track of what is going on in your area....

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Police Scanner scroll down the page to your state.


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Thanks for posting this! I saw one of these a while back but Duval wasn't on there yet. Someone finally added Fire/Rescue, hopefully police will be next.


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cool... I have a hand held police scanner.. but an analog one.. which still picks up quite a lot here.. but seems a lot of areas are going to digital which requires a digital scanner which is a lot more money. gonna have to play around with this. the city wide frequencies are still analog here.. but the state wide is digital. and looks like they are not set up on this site for my area anyway...
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Unfortunately, Volusia County, FL is out of luck with coverage on these two sites. I think the VCSO does most of the patrolling i nthe area, althoguh I know of a few locals which should be on-line (Orange City, Sanford, DeLand, Lake Mary, etc.) Oh, well, back to the plug-in style.

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