One new gun owner!!!


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I posted last week about taking my manager to the range. Well, today I went with him to fill out the paper work and pay for his first handgun. He got a P225/P6 out the door for $370. He seems very happy and also bummed he has to wait 3 days to pick it up. We're going to the range again next week and then I told him I'd show him how to break it down and clean it.

So one more new gun owner and I can tell he's gotten bit by the bug. He was already talking about what he'd like next. lol. I suggested he check out this forum as well. Hopefully he'll have his permit soon.

Just thought I'd post an update.

After being in the military, I went on a buying spree so I could build an arsenal. I also develop contingency plans for different scenarios and wrote down TTPs (tactics, techniques and procedures). Soon, I will take over the world...
great choice for a pistol

He picked a great gun for the money, I bought one for me then wifey adopted it. Oh well better to have her carryin a 9 than her old .380 anyway.

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