One in the chamber? Or not!!


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I have seen this posted on some of the other boards. But I am still not clear! It still comes down to personal preference. Do you have one in the chamber? Is the safety on? Or none in the chamber???
I carry with one in the chamber and the safety on. I do not want to shoot my foot or any other body part off that I may not finished with yet. I seem to me that their is + and - no matter what you do. So let me have it, what is best????

I truly don't see any minuses of carrying with one in the chamber. The handgun most likely won't do much good without one. Situations happen very quickly and most of the time you won't have time to chamber one. Modern handguns are made perfectly safe to carry with one in the chamber. Either they have an effective safety devise or they are double action. If DA, it is no different than carrying a revolver with a full cylinder. The long trigger pulls acts as a safety. The chances of accidently engaging that long trigger pull is very unlikely. As you have said whatever is most comfortable to you is how you should carry. I feel, however, one in the chamber is the most appropriate way.

If I have to pull my weapon then I'm 99.9% sure I will need to fire it. I want it ready to go if I'm in that situation. One in the chamber in every weapon I own! Modern weapons are safe to carry with one in the chamber. Where the confusion came in is when the old single action revolvers were used they carried it with the chamber empty under the hammer. The had no safety designed in it to preclude it from firing if the hammer got bumped. I guarantee the BG will have one in the chamber!
Well do you carry one less round in wheel gun? If you are going someplace that you might need a gun stay home. Be aware of your surroundings and know your gun is not loaded.
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Thanks for all the answers. Do you ( all three of you) think that confidence carrying with one in the chamber and safety off comes with carrying for a while???
Yes. I was uncomfortable at first. Now I would only feel uncomfortable without one chambered or without a pistol. Of course, you are referring to carrying a double action with the safety off, not a single action. Trust me. Follow the safety rules, and you will feel totally at ease carrying with one in the chamber.
You bet! Confidence is the name of the game for CC. You must be confident in carrying the weapon, you must be confident with firing the weapon (training/practice) and you must be confident that you will fire the weapon and take someones life if needed! Lack of confidence in any area and you need to hang up your weapon because a lack of confidence across the board could cost you or others their lives.
I honestly carried one in the chamber from the very first time I carried. I use a holster and I have the upmost confidence that the gun will not fire unless I pull the trigger. I suppose if I just stuck it in my waistband I would be slightly nervous but as it stands that is not an issue. To me, carrying a handgun without one in the pipe presents a number of problems. First off is the speed issue: You will most likely barely have enough time to draw and fire WITH a bullet ready to go...forget about having to rack the slide. Second is the addition of the possibility your round gets caught up when you are trying to chamber the bullet. Your mind/body will be going nuts in a life or death me this increases the chances of not pulling the slide all the way back or slipping out of your hand or whatever.

I have this discussion with a guy at work all the time...we feel differently and thats just the way it is. One thing we both agree on...niether of us ever use the safety on any of our firearms.
The purpose of concealed carry is to have the element of
surprise on your side.

Unless you see something is about to happen the BG has already has his weapon out and ready and you can not out draw a drawn weapon especially if you have to draw your weapon and chamber a round.

Your only hope would be to see an opening and draw your weapon, you may only have 1 to 2 seconds tops and that dose not allow you to draw and chamber without lead heading in your direction.
+3 (or 4 or whatever) on one in the chamber. That's one reason I carry my RAMI...first shot can be double action just like a revolver and I don't have to worry about messing with the safety (although it does have one and I could carry "cocked and locked" like with a 1911). My other main carry gun is a S&W 642 snubby and it makes it a little easier that, regardless of which one I'm carrying, all I have to do is pull the trigger. I don't trust myself to remember how to work a safety/decocker/etc. in the heat of the moment. Anyway, just my opinion...for what its worth.

I personally always carry with one in the chamber,and safety off.Most personal defense situations happen in a matter of seconds and i figure trying to rack one into the chamber in that situation = me probably dead.Know your weapon intimately and practice.That will bring the confidence you need to feel secure carrying with one in the chamber.Besides,an unloaded gun is only good for a paper weight and you only have one chance to throw it at your attacker.:D
If one is uncomfortable carrying a particular gun fully loaded as it was designed to be, then it is unquestionably not the right arm for you. Try a revolver, perhaps. There are always alternatives which work properly for a preferred style of operation, but it is never worth compromising the proper intended operation of any design out of fear.
I carry my guns as they were designed to be carried.

1911 A1 .45 cocked and locked.


.357 snubby, fully loaded.

Full magazine and one in the pipe. Always have and I don't see why I'd change. My choice of carry happens to be DOA so no worry of having to fumble with a safety when the rubber meets the road.
To me, there's no point in carrying if you have to rack the slide to defend yourself. I have a DA/SA, so I keep one in the pipe, safety "OFF", and hammer down. First shot will be DA, so I practice as such.
I think it would be better to have a gun with none chambered than no gun at all.
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Cocked and locked here.

I was a little nervous to carry chambered at first. After I took my class and was waiting for my permit I wore mine around the house empty chambered. Even with the safety off it never went click. I read up a lot on modern firearms and when my permit came in I felt confident it was safe to carry one in the pipe. Ever since my Kimber’s been on my hip cocked, locked, and the mag topped off. I did do a lot of practice drawing and taking the safety off till it became habit.
Thanks for all the answers. Do you ( all three of you) think that confidence carrying with one in the chamber and safety off comes with carrying for a while???

I did not see that any of these individuals said carry with the safety off. As far as one in the chamber I would not want to be in a gun fight and have to rack one up to be ready. When I first started to carry my 1911 I would not have one in the chamber because I was just not confident enough. Now I carry cocked and locked. No other way to travel. My wheel gun an airweight .38 has all five in the cylinder but it is also a hammerless pistol and I believe it is perfectly safe..

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