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Finally got everything in NJ. Just waiting on my first order:

CZ 9mm!!!


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That particular gem has been floating around the gun forums for quite awhile. However, its always good to see it again. Shes obviously never fired a gun before and the idiot who handed her the gun ought to be hung by his g....s!:nhl_checking:
Son of a beehive!!! Yeah, he should be hung by the *nads* and everything else delicate and fragile! This type of scenario is what gives the anti's the best ammo, so to speak. Why on earth would someone hand her a pistol like that and then just let her go? How awful! I saw the same thing happen in a video with a shotgun, the gal dislocated her shoulder. One fella on the tape said, "I don't feel bad!" Well, probably he would have if it'd been his daughter who'd been hurt! Son of a bugger butt! What is wrong with people? Not sarcasm nor meanness, but education is how we get people to understand what firearms are all about. Not this way!!! THIS JUST P.O.'S ME TO NO END! I'm glad she wasn't hurt! Like that 8 year old kid w/ the UZI was killed, it could have been worse, for sure! This gal could benefit from a class by a third party but worthy NRA instructor, one that won't treat her like a "babe" and who will show her how to do it correctly. I'm ashamed to know that there are people/men out there who do this to women on a regular basis, just for fun, many of them are my late hubby's friends so I'm not at all happy that I know some of them personally. I refuse to associate with them now! Their loss!
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And that's how that kid blew his head off with an Uzi! I bought my first gun, a .357 Magnum Ruger Security Six with a 4" barrel, and bought 200 rounds of wad-cutters to get used to it. I KNEW the gun was powerful, and had watched several other people firing similar guns. So when I squeezed the trigger the first time (that sucker must've had a 12 lb pull!), I was ready for the recoil! And handled it very well, thank you! If I was handed a S&W Model 500 today and asked to fire it, I'd be treating it the same way. I would know what was coming and act accordingly.

But I HAVE seen people not only lose control, but actually lose their grip on the gun and have it come right out of their hands.

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