anybody from or around Omaha??

Born and raised graduated from MNHS in 1984 Omaha is a great place to be from, far from

Omaha PD will still gladly register your handguns for their $10 fee even though you may have a CHP/CCW permit. While briefly chatting with "Officer Happy" he commented that don't count on Omaha not being able to enforce especially since Mayor (member of Mayors Against Illegal Guns group ala Bloomberg in NYC) believes that all firearms should be registered and he retained his position/job. Funny since the "bad guys" don't play by the rules anyway so...

Most States word the statutes to disallow preemption. No city, town, or municipality may pass laws stricter than State law. Omaha ranks right up there with Chicago, NYC, and L.A. in denial of constitutional rights. There are larger cities than Omaha that don't deny the individual the ability to defend him/herself. When will government leaders realize the correlation between crimes against persons and pro second amendment legislation? The more one tries to control gun ownership, the higher the crimes of mugging, rape, robbery, etc. Criminals don't like their victims to be armed. Vote out the bums in Omaha that won't address the crime in what used to be a safe city.
Omahaha has been misguided for awhile, seems our mayors office is a reflection of Bloomberg with overspending charactoristics as well. We almost got rid of him recently but there seems to be an abundant number of misinformed voters out here...
I'm from Bellevue and I currently live in Spokane,WA. I come back to Omaha every summer and was wondering if my handgun training from here in Washington would be enough to get a Nebraska CPL since I already have a Washington CPL? If anyone knows please let me know.
Nope. Ya gotta get training from a NSP "approved" training provider, in order to lick the boots for the CCW paper. Oh, and you have to be a state resident.
Hi All, from Lincoln here. Good to see the NE list come to life! Seems right now that the on going issues for CHP are the questionable restrictions placed on owner ship in both Lincoln and Omaha along with the growing bottle neck in issueing renewals pretty much state wide.

I am irked at Lincoln's deadly misdemeanors that can result in loosing ones right to own fire arms or have a CHP in Linclon. This standard for loosing ones gun rights only applies to Lincoln. How does that line up with the cities not being able to pass more restrictive laws than the state has? As I understand it you cant qualify here in Lincoln to recieve a permit if you have been convicted on one of these "special" misdemeanors but you can anywhere else in the state. People are working to change this but it would sure help if more folks were aware of the situation.
Wow, I'm a couple of years late to the party, but I'm in Omaha. Planned on getting the CCW last month, but had some big financial life hurdles that have pushed that back a few months. Of the handfull of options in town, I wondered if you folks had good/bad experiences with any of the classes around. I was looking at "Nebraska Professional Concealed Carry Handgun Class" at ( They have the class for only $115 and it includes non resident permits for New Hamshire and Florida. Sounds like 2 extra states for about $50 less than the competition. Thoughts?
No replies? I'm signed up for the class in my last post. I'll have my CCW soon. Also, I just found the Versacarry holster. It's really thin so it adds no bulk. Not really a holster in that you cannot re-holster the gun. You have to take the clip off your belt, re-affix the weapon, then re-place it IWB.
I am from Omaha and have lurking around here for a while. I have carried most of my life, but made it legal three years ago. The best training that I have been given is put on by Signal 88. I have had a couple classes with them. I have also had classes at the Bullet hole that are pretty good, given the limitations of an indoor range.
Lived in Papilion for five years and then in Sarpy County just outside Bellevue for five years, both courtesy of the Air Force. My wife and I both loved Omaha, except for the cold.
Is anyone in Omaha and visits this board, let's say, within the last few months? I am looking for a local place to shoot. I own land two hours away, but would like to find someplace closer.
There's the Bullet Hole, of course, and several new ranges opening up soon or just opened up. Not sure if Take Aim has opened up in Bellevue yet or not. Last I heard, they ran into some issues with their building inspection. If you're looking for an outdoor range, the Eastern Nebraska Gun Club is just east of Louisville. They have an annual membership or you can go with a member for $5.00.

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