Old Warrior recalled to active duty.


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The Mossberg below was in pretty sorry shape when I got it. It had a fixed choke 28" barrel, the stock was all nicked and dented, internal parts were rusty and most of the springs wre cruddy and rusty. In the picture shown has already received the new 18 1/2" barrel.

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Completely dissassembled the gun.
Cleaned and steel wooled all of the parts to get rid of rust.
Replaced all springs.
Touched up receiver with careful application of auto touch up paint.
New Mossy 18 1/2" barrel.
Hogue Overmold stock and fore end.
Limb Saver recoil pad.
Meprolight Trijicon front bead

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It feels like a 20 gauge for recoil when shooting Winchester 2 3/4" #1 buck! It has just relieved Maverick 88 as bedside gun. Mav is now the computer room closet gun.

I hate to see a good gun go to waste due to neglect!

You did a great job on the shotgun. It's always a great feeling when you restore an old firearm back to its working order.
Nice job on the shotgun. why the limbsaver, do u shoot it that much all at once. or do u shoot the 3 inch magnum loads. those pack a hell of a whalop.
It just makes it easier to follow up on shots. Besides I'm not really into self-inflicted pain.Gave up the whips and nylon ropes a long time ago! Also started dating gentler kinder girls!

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