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Question for CCP holders in OK. The state by state guide in this website cites that unloaded firearms may be carried in the passenger compartment and magazine loaded firearms in the trunk (paraphrasing). Does that apply to permit holders or just to the citizens not possessing a permit but it seems confusing the way its written.


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I'm not from OK, nor am I an attorney, but a quick read of the published statute shows that the requirement to carry it unloaded in the passenger compartment applies to non-licensees only. Licenses from any state (and those from permitless carry states) can carry a loaded and fully concealed firearm in the car.

The key phrase is this: "Except as otherwise provided by the provisions of the Oklahoma Self-Defense Act or another provision of law..."

Transporting A Loaded Firearm
Except as otherwise provided by the provisions of the Oklahoma Self-Defense Act or another provision of law, it shall be unlawful to transport a loaded pistol, rifle or shotgun in a landborne motor vehicle over a public highway or roadway. However, a rifle or shotgun may be transported clip or magazine loaded and not chamber loaded when transported in an exterior locked compartment of the vehicle or trunk of the vehicle or in the interior compartment of the vehicle notwithstanding the provisions of Section 1289.7 of this title when the person is in possession of a valid handgun license pursuant to the Oklahoma Self- Defense Act.


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I travel through Oklahoma every other week for work. I have MO CCW & have been pulled over several times in the past few years(I drive too fast sometimes). Each officer has treated me slightly differently. Some ask to physically observe my weapon, some do not. In Oklahoma, the law says that I have a duty to immediately inform the officer that I am armed. Honestly, I do so no matter where I am, if I were in their shoes, Id like to know. Last week, after informing the OkHP officer, he never even asked me to unholster my pistol(which is carried right next to my wallet). He appreciated the acknowledgement & watched carefully as I retrieved my license, permit & insurance. After running me through the computer, he sent me on my way with a warning & a smile.


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I agree, in my opinion it's better to let him know your a good guy and you may catch a break.

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