Ohio inmate claims he's too fat to be executed


Thank God I'm alive!
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Apparently, the reasoning is that if the first drug, which is designed to put him to sleep before the other two are administered, does not work, the execution will be excrutiatingly painful. To this I say, so what? Too often, people are concerned that killing these monsters will hurt them, and if their death is slow and painful, it is unconstitutional. What a bunch of baloney. If they take a life, theirs needs to be taken in return; whether their death is quick and painless or slow and agonizing is of little concern to me. All I care about is that justice is served. Period.

No problem. Just give him a double dose. They can put elephants to sleep so he should be no problem.
No problem. Just give him a double dose. They can put elephants to sleep so he should be no problem.

lol I had to reread that post I could have sworn it said "No problem. Just give him a double tap"

I'll even donate some steal core .223 ammo. Shouldn't matter how fat he is with that ammo.
The bigger they are...

Why not just put him on a diet. I say no food until he hits the goal weight at which all the drugs will do their proper job.
This Fat POS Scum bag raped and killed two young girls. I say just send the guards in to his cell with night sticks like they did in the old days. Beat him to death. Or move him to a place that has a gas chamber. LOL then he would claim his lungs would take to long for that gas to kill him. I think he is just a pussy and does not want to die. He should be glade he is not being put to death the way he killed the girls. Raped and then kill him lol.
I say that they should just proceed with the execution as planned. These civil libertarian groups amuse me with their logic that the death penalty is unconstitutional if the inmate feels pain while he's being killed. They're okay with it as long as it's painless, but let there be pain and all of a sudden they're up in arms about it. WTF?!
what happened eye for an eye and tooth for tooth. America should put it on every major news channel and show all these crazies out there what happens when you break the law.
They could always roll him over onto his back while he's sleeping. If that doesn't do it then he's not to fat!

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