Oh Yeah: Gun Permits Are Surging In Minnesota




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Boom in December/Jan. One student contacted me after questioned by Henn Cty Sheriff's office on administrative (resolved). Smooth.Link Removed


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Thanks. Helpful. Glad to read that the LEO mindset seems to have changed lately (I moved From Mn several years ago after living there for 15+ years).

Shall Issue is a good thing, even with all of the BCA/legal, admin and training hoops.

Yes, I was thinking specifically of Hennepin, Ramsey and Dakota counties.

It's always seemed odd (to me) that there's nothing in the Minnesota state constitution about 2A/Right to Keep and Bear Arms. At all.


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Good place to gun. Minn. has one of the largest Muslim terrorist training camp in America.


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Opinion piece in suburban Minneapolis - St. Paul newspaper chain: "One in 20 Minnesotans have gun carry permits"

Link Removed

"Sheriffs I talked to, who issue the gun carry permits, say they don’t worry about more law-abiding citizens carrying handguns, concealed or unconcealed. They worry about the ones who commit crimes with guns – with or without a permit to carry."


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Easy process. Take the class, take class certificate to Sheriff's office with application and wait a maximum of 30 days for it to show up in your mail box and then you're good to go. Of course all this will cost you close to $200. It took about 3 weeks for mine to arrive after applying.


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gee I wonder if there is any correlation with the rise of the Muslim population there? If I wa a betting man I'd say there was.


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We have very few Muslims in my state and the CFP's are skyrocketing here too.

Our State statute says the BCI (state bureau of criminal investigations) must issue your CFP in 2 weeks.

But it is taking them 40 days. They apologize for the delay but they cannot help it.

CFP instructors are booked every day teaching the classes here.


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gee I wonder if there is any correlation with the rise of the Muslim population there? If I wa a betting man I'd say there was.

If I was a betting man, I'd say no. I just got my carry permit last fall and it had nothing to do with any particular person or group or affiliations. I have Muslims living on 1 side of me, Asians on the other side and Hispanics behind me and none of them bother me in the least. They are all upscale citizens in my community. I got my permit because our world is getting more dangerous due to terrorists of all kinds and just plain crazy people out there. I do live in MN.

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