Obtaining an attorney - how'd you find yours? ...Omaha area.


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Guess it's time to take seriously the notion that if I ever had to use deadly force to stop an attack i could be legally charged, or sued in civil court.

Sooooo, just found that USCCA offers "The Shield" insurance in this regard, that the policy would help with legal fees, etc. ...Got me wonderin'.

For those who have a lawyer on retainer (for self defense issues), in the Omaha area, how did you find your attorney? What did you look for? Are you happy with your choice? Any ideas for someone just starting such a search?

I carry a lawyers card, but haven't paid a dime yet. I started out looking for an attorney that specialist in firearms or guns. I used a mix of google and lawyers.com, even though I didn't have much luck with lawyers.com. During my search I found, an attorney that wrote a book on gun law for my state and have found out he co-wrote a gun law book for another state, and reading his background, he had me sold.

I recommend if you find an attorney, check his/her background in gun law, where they can practice law, and what pro-gun associations they are associated with (SAF, NRA, etc). Also see if they have overturned any laws/practices in the state or what cases they have pending.

The big thing is do your homework. You want a good pro-gun lawyer, that can help you if you have to defend yourself.
All good advice.

I've been a member of PrePaid Legal Sevices for almost twenty years. They have experts in all legal fields and specialize in criminal & civil rights. It's a VERY affordable way to have your own TEAM of lawyers on retainer.

PPL is set up in the MLM business model, listed on the NYSE and have been around for decades. PPL lawyers are the absolute cream of the crop; and you have 24/7 365 access in ALL 50 states.

Frankly, I'm amazed more people with CC permits do NOT have PPL memberships.

(In the interest of full-disclosure, I used to sell PPL policies and I can still help anyone find and agent.)

If interested, send me a PM.
Armed Citizens Legal Defense Network. James Martin Davis is the Nebraska Affiliated Attorney with them. While he may defend some serious scumbags and be on the new a lot, he is THE most successful Self Defense Attorney there is in Nebraska.

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