Obama's hatemonger helpers


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I never thought I would find someone worse than a Clinton but.....

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If Obama gets in there we will be so "up the creek" that we will be remembering this as the good old days!
I told one of the ladies that I work with I would rather have her a president than Hilary. Now I would rather have either than Obama. I thought Hilary was as bad as it could get. I guess i was wrong. :(
To paraphrase one of the popular definitions of insanity: Keep doing the same thing while expecting a different result.

how is it that we get either crap, or crap to choose to "lead" our country?

Voters in the US keep electing Democrats and Republicans...
Party of Peace?

Democrats always claim to be the Party of Peace. Peace my Ass! More like party of a piece of my ass!!! Shining examples are their so called "Reverands" Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and Rev. Wright. The we throw in that character Minister Farakan, Nation of Islam.....another "peaceful" religion. I haven't seen anything peacful out of these people. We were at a party the other night and one of our Liberal friends and I were having a discussion about a proposed wind farm in the middle of Nantucket Sound. She's for and I'm against. She didn't like my opinion about and actually threatened me with bodily harm because I disagreed with her! My wife and I both looked at each other and decided it was time to go check out the cheese and cracker assortment. These Libs are all the same. It's their way or the Highway.

I know we all might be worried about an Obama Presidency. I don't think he stands a snowballs chance in Hell come the General Election. By that time he will have too many chinks in the armor. If WE gun totters all get out to the polls, he definitely won't win!



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