Obama's DoD v The Constitution Suppressing 1st Amendment Religious Expression


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Obama's suppression of religious rights has been an ongoing battle at the Air Force Academy and the flames have been fanned by Mikey Weinstein, an attorney and graduate of the institution. He is the head of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation. The cadets there, as well as all citizens, are guaranteed religious liberty under the Constitution. The Constitution is meant for all but the writing of it has been bastardized to deprive us of that liberty and the mere mention of religion can cause serious repercussions against any who would so dare. I found this article on the Patriot Post to be quite stimulating showing that the cadets are starting to push back against those who would try to deny them religious freedom. These young men may someday be called upon to fight and die protecting the Constitution yet be denied their rights under it due to illegal conduct by the administration and those in the military who lack the intestinal fortitude to stand up and represent them. The leaders of the military are failing in their responsibilities by not standing up and fighting for the rights of their subordinates. Some may disagree with the article for various reasons but fortunately, these young men are waking up to what is happening and they are our future military leaders.

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nosreme: This entire subject matter is indicative to me how ridiculous trying to be politically correct is for the military. Maybe my service was in another world where religion was not offensive as it is today. In my day, no one was questioned about their religion, no one was harassed about their religion and it was a subject rarely brought up. I do remember Bible study groups of willing participants but no proselytizing for any particular religion. It was a non-issue. I am not personally offended by another's choice of religion (or lack of religion for that matter). The only time I become disturbed is when someone tries to defame mine and I become defensive (or hostile, as others see it). The Establishment Clause of the First Amendment prohibits the government from making any law "respecting establishment of religion" or establishing an official religion. No preference for unduly preferring religion over non-religion or non-religion over religion. I am unable to comprehend the overt rejection of anything religious for military personnel today. There are religious people in the military. If one watches news reports from war zones, soldiers are seen having group prayer before going about their mission. Is the military, or Mikey Weinstein, going to say those troops can not have prayer when they are in imminent danger of losing their lives? I think not. No one stopped me when I was in danger and, regardless of the stand of the government, Mikey Weinstein, or any other who chooses to dabble in religious beliefs in the military, will be going against a brick wall. No true believer in any religion will allow anyone to interfere with what they hold most sacred. We haven't lowered the nation to the "Christians v. Lions" state yet but it seems we are aimed in that direction. I concede your knowledge of the law isn't something I can make a reasonable argument against but I have tried to use common sense during my lifetime. I haven't always been right but, neither have I been wrong all the time. I thoroughly enjoyed my time in the military but, unfortunately, things are certainly different now!

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