Obama's Agenda to Disarm the New Caliphate of Islamic AMERIKA!


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Do yourself a big favor and follow this link:
NRA-ILA :: Action Center
Or if your browser allows incorporate Congress.org -Guns/Weapons Action Alerts
Enter those words exactly they are spelt above when running a search for it into your browser, MSIE allows that under 'Add module'.
Then take a moment to visit Cap-Wiz © and sign-up for e-mail alerts directly by entering your personal information (name, address, phone #, e-mail) from Congress that pertain to only 2nd Amendment rights delivered right into your inbox, no ads or Spam and unsubscribe any time you wish. It allows you then to respond via e-mail, just enter your zip and it guides you to your state elected representatives. Choose a pre-formatted reply to be delivered either by e-mail or snail mail, and feel free to change the verbiage, but keep it clean as it does go to your Congressman, Senator, or whomever you decide gets a copy, even Cheney or Bush! The current topic is a good (NRA) look at the steps Obama is moving towards beating your weapons into plough-shears, so if you want the truth from Congress not an edited spin by the Washington Post, then act and lobby for your rights now, or cry foul when owning a sharp pencil is un-lawful and will be judged by your local Islamic court of law and punishment may be a public lashing or a beheading, never in America, vote him into office and watch what a presidential veto can do to our laws! I do not control what I get from Congress, I am just opening the door to you to monitor what is going down and if you do not like it, or love the idea, House Resolution, bill or law, then respond the legal way.


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