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Weather Underground Victim Says Obama Should Have Known of Ayers' Past - FOXNews.com Elections

Weather Underground Victim Says Obama Should Have Known of Ayers' Past
John Murtagh says Barack Obama should have known better than to associate with William Ayers, whose Weather Underground group claimed responsibility for firebombing his family's home nearly four decades ago.

A Yonkers, N.Y., councilman whose home was bombed nearly four decades ago by the Weather Underground says Barack Obama should know better than to associate with the domestic terror group's co-founder, Bill Ayers.

"Barack Obama constantly says, 'I was only 8 years old when this happened.' That's kind of his throwaway line," John Murtagh told FOX News Thursday morning.

"I'm not questioning what Barack Obama was doing when he was 8 years old. I'm questioning his behavior as an adult to choose his friends, mentor and longtime personal and professional colleague."

Murtagh discussed the 1970 bombing as John McCain's campaign put renewed focus on Obama's ties to Ayers, who lives in Chicago and is an education professor at the University of Illinois.

Murtagh, whose father was a New York Supreme Court justice when his family's home was targeted, put out a statement on behalf of McCain's campaign Wednesday claiming "Barack Obama's friend tried to kill my family."

Obama has said his relationship with Ayers did not extend beyond serving with him on an education board in Chicago. He has condemned Ayers' Vietnam War-era attacks, and his campaign has said Obama did not know of Ayers' radical past when Ayers held a campaign event at his home for Obama in 1995.

But Murtagh cast doubt on the narrative out of the Obama campaign, saying it would make the Democratic presidential candidate "the dumbest man that ever graduated from Columbia and Harvard Law School" if he didn't initially know about Ayers' past.

Murtagh also alleged that Obama's ties to Ayers probably go back earlier, since Ayers' wife, Weather Underground radical Bernadine Dohrn, at one point worked at the same firm where Obama's wife, Michelle, worked.

"The Weather Underground launched an attack on our family home ... looking to kill us," Murtagh told FOX News. "I believe if the senator were to come clean and tell us the full story, we'd find out this relationship well predates the fundraiser held in the Ayers home. It goes back to the '80s."

McCain released a Web video Thursday criticizing Obama for his relationship with Ayers.

Obama told ABC News Wednesday that McCain's campaign is making these assertions simply "to score cheap political points."

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Bs he new and would support him now. He is a lier and it will be clear in the future .Just to late to do any good.:ph34r:


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The sad part is that if McCain tries to bring this up in their next debate, all Obama has to do is bring up the Keating Five.

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