Obama says he'll order review of executive orders


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If only he meant it. I have always thought that presidents of both parties have used these to circumvent the constitutional checks and balances and use them to make law that was reserved for the legislative branch. I am afraid that the reality is however that he will use these like the presidents before him to continue to give the Executive Branch more power than was intended.

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Obama says he'll order review of executive orders By JESSE J. HOLLAND, Associated Press Writer

Barack Obama told House Democrats on Tuesday that as president he would order his attorney general to scour White House executive orders and expunge any that "trample on liberty," several lawmakers said.

Presidents, as head of the executive branch of government, issue such orders to direct operations of executive branch agencies, like the Justice Department and the CIA. For example, President Bush used an executive order last year to breathe new life into the CIA's controversial terror interrogation program that allowed harsh questioning of suspects.

Obama "talked about how his attorney general is to review every executive order and immediately eliminate those that trample on liberty," said Rep. Jerrold Nadler, D-N.Y.

"He indicated there would be a review in his administration," said Rep. James Clyburn, D-S.C., the House majority whip.

Obama did not mention executive orders when he addressed reporters who waited for him outside the closed-door meeting. He said only that he would be campaigning alongside members to win the presidency and help expand Democratic majorities in the House and Senate.

"I am looking forward to collaborating with everyone here to win the election, but more importantly to collaborate with everybody here and also some like-minded Republicans to actually govern and to deliver on behalf of the American people," Obama said.

During his presidency, Bush increasingly has relied on executive orders to dictate policies without seeking congressional approval. His orders have ranged from restrictions on striped bass fishing to sanctions against Myanmar's government.

Obama did not indicate who his attorney general would be, or any other member of his Cabinet. To lawmakers who asked about his Cabinet plans, Obama said: "Get me elected, and then I'll worry about the Cabinet," according to Nadler.

Clyburn added that Obama said there were "people in the room with more expertise than him."

Obama's meeting with the House Democratic caucus came hours after he spoke with both Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson and Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke about the faltering economy, part of his effort to refocus the campaign on domestic issues after last week's foreign trip.

Obama spokesman Michael Ortiz said the senator and Bernanke discussed the outlook for consumers and businesses, as well as the effect of rising home foreclosures on families nationwide. They also talked about the "strengths of Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and other financial institutions," Ortiz said.

Obama called Paulson as he rode to a meeting with Pakistan's new prime minister, the campaign said.

A campaign statement said Obama asked how the Treasury Department planned to use its new authority with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and whether the government had the tools it needs to address the challenges in the banking industry. As part of the government's effort to provide mortgage relief to hundreds of thousands of homeowners, Paulson has sought emergency power to rescue lending giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

Congress approved a housing plan last week that would provide relief for 400,000 homeowners who can't afford their payments by allowing them to refinance their mortgages with more affordable, government-backed loans. President Bush has promised to sign the package into law.

In a day of meetings, Obama also met with Pakistan's new leader, Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani.

At a fundraising luncheon, he said he told Gilani "the only way we're going to be successful in the long term in defeating extremists ... is if we are giving people opportunities. If people have a chance for a better life, then they are not as likely to turn to the ideologies of violence and despair."


Associated Press writer Mike Glover contributed to this report.

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Obama reminds me of a late-night infomercial or crazy MLM scheme. He makes a lot of promises, and many are totally unrealistic and unfulfillable. Politicians make promises all the time, but at least they're usually somewhat doable (they just don't do them). This guy seems to have a mile-long list though.


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Oh yeah, I'll just bet he's going to go after the ones that "trample on liberty" --- liberty as defined by Socialism.


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Oh yeah, I'll just bet he's going to go after the ones that "trample on liberty" --- liberty as defined by Socialism.
From Article:
Barack Obama told House Democrats on Tuesday that as president he would order his attorney general to scour White House executive orders and expunge any that "trample on liberty," several lawmakers said.

Agree with johnsteele on this one. Read the article and noted BHO didn't define what "trample on liberty" means. Given his history I rather doubt his definition of 'liberty' would agree with mine, or anyone who believes in the Constitution.


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The last time I looked at the constitution, I did not see anything in Article II (the article that lays out the duties and powers of the President) giving the President the authority to make executive orders. Last time I checked, the authority to legislate was vested in Congress, which consists of the Senate and House. The idea of reviewing the authority to make executive orders sounds good, but I somehow get the feeling that this is just another in a long line of talking points by a politician who is trying to win an election.


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I predict, if Obama is catastrophically elected, that one of his executive orders will be to prohibit concealed carry everywhere, just as it is prohibited in IL and DC.


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Lets just hope you are not a prophet. or a fortune teller.

I am definitely neither; I sincerely hope I am wrong in this prediction, and of course I hope he is not elected. Based on his published anti-CCW statements, it is something I think he would want to do.

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