Obama, Reid, Pelosi and the Patriot Act


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This is scary. You would think that the Govt would get the facts before doing something like this. What do I know I'm just a Right Wing Extremest. :angry:


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FBI must be looking for work...why don't they look for the illegal guns instead of HARASSING this kid, and abolish the Patriot Act that takes away your CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS!! I wonder why you don’t see stories about the FBI storming an illegal gun runner’s house, or about how many illegal guns they have taken off the street.


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Ashton Lundeby is being held under the USA Patriot Act | Ron Paul Wins! | Campaign for Liberty at the Daily Paul

"I was terrified," Lundeby's mother said. "There were guns, and I don't allow guns around my children. I don't believe in guns."
Just goes to show, play nice by their rules, abjure guns, and they'll still kick in your door. Might as well go ahead and collect scads of guns and run an amateur gunsmithing bench in your basement, since it won't actually alter the jackbooted thugs' behaviour toward you.


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I'm a God Fearing individual. However, it's my Government that scaresthe crap out of me! Thanks for the video O'Shay. We all need to fwd this to everyone we know. Call your reps and senators and let's repeal the flawed patriot act and get this boy the due process he deserves under the US Constitution! Our founding fathers, who were true patriots, must be rolling in their graves!


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"When governments fear the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny." - Thomas Jefferson

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