Obama is planning a million man militia!

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Please forward this to as many people as you can. We have to stop this guy on election day!

Obama is the most RADICAL person ever to run for the office of President of the United States. How did we sink to this level in country? We are going to lose our freedoms!!
It's unbelievable!
And to you guys who are democrats, OBAMA is NO democrat. Don't be fooled. OBAMA is a wolf in sheeps clothing!
And if you are voting for Bob Barr, or Ron Paul, your vote will be wasted and you will help propel OBAMA into office. McCain needs your help.
Even if McCain was not your first choice, this election is the most important election in history and Obama will destroy this great country.
Is this the Change We Need?

Here is the OBAMA video to back up this story: YouTube - Obama Civilian Security
Obama says he will change the world. He just doesn't say how: Link Removed


The Road to Communism


We are facing a communist take-over, that is it, pure and simple.

Obama has been groomed for many years for this moment, only, in my estimation, they probably thought it would be right to run him in 2012 but decided they had enough strength now to make their move at this time. For a period of more than 30 years, his associations were with communists. His mother, his father, his step-father, his friends in Hawaii, Bill Ayers, and the list goes on and on and on. Where-ever he lived, his associates were professed Communists and Revolutionaries! What makes you think that he is not a Communist? Fidel Castro denied his beliefs in Communism for months, as he slowly tightened the noose around the necks of the Cubans. Communists are taught to lie, are encouraged to lie, to gain their goals. It is in Marx's work, in Stalin's words, in Castro's words and deeds.

Never has a candidate concealed so much about himself from the voters, hidden every document possible, denied all his associations, revealed little about his years before the Senate, and blatantly hidden the source of much of his campaign contributions, now standing at an amazing $600 million dollars. The media has concealed the truth time and again, and the L.A. Times is doing so today by not releasing the video they possess because it would cast doubt on some of the things he professes.

Every sign points to the strength of his communist convictions, of his intent to redistribute wealth, to bring about a welfare state, a government controlled economy, as well as to control the medical field and the colleges.

He plans to raise a million man Internal Security Force, which armed with submachine guns, can keep us all under control. He knows he cannot subvert our patriotic military leaders, at least not yet, so he (and Ayers) have come up with a clever plan in which his forces, his private million man army, will get the bulk of the money ($500 billion) and then while the military is starved for funding, he'll take over the equipment held by the National Guard first, before assuming control of that on military bases.

I've read up on communism since 1932, and their take-overs of nations, the coups that lead to socialism, and what happened in East Germany, Hungary, Poland, Roumania and Cuba, and it is all laid out there for us in history, history that we can read and learn from, but many refuse to do.

At a Communist meeting on the east coast, reported by a CIA agent, they easily spoke about eliminating (killing) 25 million Americans when they took over. He said that there were 35 members of the Communist party in the room and not one raised an objection. Or more recently, a friend of mine, talking to a woman communist, said, "Well, when Mao took over, they killed 60 million Chinese." She shot back, "So what?" He was so shocked he could not answer. The Communists will raise huge protest marches over a single execution, but not say one word at the 15 or so thousand executed in Cuba, dozens in a single day. But, then, Communists believe that people who think like you and I do, who do not believe in Socialism or Communism, are expensable, right!

We have 5 days to Judgment Day. Hannity on FOX, is doing his best to sound the alarm, but if he would only show that Youtube video of the kid's choir singing, "Obama's going to change the world" he would do more to counter that ad today than anything. He's going to change the National Anthem, the Flag, and then the 2nd Amendment. I'm in a turmoil, but I write about such things every day. I need to earn money but my country is more important to me than anything else in this world, to see that my children and grandchildren live in a Democracy with the same Constitution in place.

YOU THINK YOU'VE GOT TIME? No, we had a fateful 13 days during Pres. Kennedy's administration, but now we have 3 fateful days to go. Which way will we go?

Howard E. Morseburg


this was reported on worldnetdaily a few months back. but you know it's just fear mongering. it could never happen here. nah, and josef stalin is saint.{ apparently he is to some on the board because they have embraced this sack of .... crap. and even by people who should know better. }
[sarcasm] You must be a liberal[/sarcasm]

Don't tell that to the sheep(les)

I'm not a liberal; I'm a libertarian. I just get tired of the constant paranoia, hyperbole, and fear mongering that I see with regard to Obama (by the way, I voted for McCain).
Million Man Militia

So, how do you think the Militia might come down?

Like this?

"OK, all you folks who want to be in the Million Man Militia go stand over there behind that fence!

OK. Now, give us your guns. Thank you for coming!"
So, how do you think the Militia might come down?

Like this?

"OK, all you folks who want to be in the Million Man Militia go stand over there behind that fence!

OK. Now, give us your guns. Thank you for coming!"

Oh I am sure Obama wants a kind of boy scout group just to help old ladies cross the street. (insert sarcasm here.)
with all that community organizing experience it should be easy.......:wacko:
My, oh my, the stuff people come up with. The idea that people actually believe this is just as comical as it is ridiculous.

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