Obama Can't Be Trusted On Guns By Bob Ireland


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Now this is what America needs to read and understand, this guy understands what could potentially happen. We can only hope Obama will be so busy with the economy that guns/gun laws will be on the back burner, we'll see.

Obama can't be trusted on guns
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President-elect Barack Obama said: "Gun owners have nothing to fear" from his incoming administration. But it's more of the same -- the Clinton administration and the Clinton gun ban which expired in 2004 after 10 years. They're back.

Instead of simply promising that he won't support new gun control legislation, which would actually mean something, legal gun owners only get empty statements of support for "common sense gun safety laws." Is Obama saying that more than 22,000 common sense gun laws already on the books is not enough?

Is a 500 percent increase in taxes on firearms and ammunition a common-sense gun safety law? Is banning the right to carry a common-sense gun a safety law? What about a ban on the most popular sporting rifles in America? What about a total ban on all semi-automatic firearms (which only shoot one bullet at a time)? Is it a common-sense gun safety law to prosecute and imprison a law-abiding man or woman who is forced to use a firearm against an armed intruder for breaking in their home and threatening their right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness? These are just a few of laws and proposed laws that Obama has given his support to in his very short political career. He verbally stated that he believes anyone using a gun against an armed home invader should be prosecuted by the courts.((OMG!!!!---Templar))

Therefore, Obama does not believe in the Second Amendment right as being a right of the law-abiding citizen. He does not believe in the most basic human right of self-defense, even by using a firearm to defend oneself. Barack Obama will lie when he swears to uphold the Constitution of the United States with his right hand on the Bible.

More than 100 million law-abiding citizens disagree that these laws fall in the category of common sense. They believe they instead fall in the category of what is called government tyranny. These type of laws led to the beginning of America and the revolutionary war against England and England's tyrannical king and government. These type of laws don't do a single thing in reducing crime or combating criminals. Gun control laws have never ever gone after the problem. They only take rights away from the law-abiding citizen and make it more difficult to exercise the right to own and use firearms for all reasons that are legal reasons.

There has been a huge increase of gun sales in America since the election, as people are afraid they may not be able to once Obama is inaugurated. These people are exercising their Second Amendment right. Given President-elect Obama's rhetoric versus his record, gun owners have every reason to be concerned.

Bob Ireland


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Exactly. He can not be trusted. He has and will lie. America will soon learn what he is.:help:


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I like the addition of the little crescent moon detail on his stupid logo.

There's one thing I can agree on about Obama, he can not be trusted when it comes to firearms. An enhanced AWB is most likely to happen.

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I just worry that with the changes they are proposing on 1022, that the transfer or sale through a FFL dealer would make the lower post ban since it has to go into the dealers business inventory and then come back out to the new individual. Not sure if I am reading that right but.... In all honesty if they do that, then all those lowers everyone bought up so they could sell them as pre ban lowers would be sitting on a bad investment. But I am no legal expert and can not tell what will happen in the future or how they will write anything.


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He must be stopped! However, I fear that if we could not stop him from getting elected, then we probably won't be able to stop him from enacting draconian gun control, the likes of which would make Bill Clinton look like Charlton Heston.


Titles are un-American.
He must be stopped! However, I fear that if we could not stop him from getting elected, then we probably won't be able to stop him from enacting draconian gun control, the likes of which would make Bill Clinton look like Charlton Heston.
The best grassroots-level hedge against gun control is more people buying more guns, joining pro-gun organizations, getting CWP licenses, and educating them on their rights - and pounding it into their heads that they shouldn't give those rights up, no matter what. That builds a bigger base of people who have something to lose. Every day across the country means another day when more people are purchasing guns. I just got (another) one today. :victory:

At the political level, we must get more people elected - regardless of party - who recognize the essential rights granted by the 2nd amendment.

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