Obama attempt to show he is pro 2A


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Is Obama pro 2A

Of course not.

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Yes he is pro-gun. If you do not believe it just ask him. Now if he is elected, he will show us by all of his anti-gun legislation, he sends to the hill.


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this coming just after he outright said he is against ccw.... somebody please send this dum bass back to school.. I guess he is hoping that most americans are stupid and won't catch on.


M. Todd Bayliss
It's very simple. He's pro 2A, anti-CCW, anti- military or police type weapons (new assault weapon ban), and pro-DC Gun Ban.

In other words he's got nothing against guns, as long as no one actually has one. Makes perfect sense to me:blink:


Titles are un-American.
Obama supports the theoretical right of people to own guns, without actual guns getting involved. So, he'd probably prefer that we all own one of these, and just blue pistol-whip our attackers. I'm going to get a streamlight for mine - that way at least it'll be good for something! :lachen:


The Gunny

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Anyone hear about this spat between Obama and Hillary over God and Guns remarks he made to an audience in San Francisco?

Made me mad as hell. However I must add that the part that made me nearly throw up was when Hillary got on her soap box claiming he was an eletist and she was somehow one of the people. GAG! Gulp! Whew, almost came up again!

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