Obama Ag Secretary Vilsack: Food Stamps Are A Stimulus


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Giving out tax payer money at an increased rate to stimulate the economy. What is so hard to understand? LOL...sorry couldnt get it out with a straight face. Man i really have to quit opening your threads as this is the second time today your links have caused my blood pressure to raise. I have to tell you I havent seen stupidity on a level this high ever in my 51 years on this planet. The concept of spending us out of debt is one I cannot wrap my simple head around no matter how many time they tell me about it. I would find it hard to believe but there seem to be so many of them.


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:mad:It amazes me that there are so many people in the government that think we can spend our way out of debt. What is so hard to understand that we do not have the money to do this? Our economy is like a bankrupt person being approached by a homeless person asking for a free meal. The bankrupt person borrows money and gives it to the homeless person to buy a meal, which could be booze, drugs, or anything but a meal. There is good money to be made by selling your food stamps. They are better than cash.
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Unfortunately, when the system crashes, we will "suffer" right along with them.

I really dislike having to pay the consequences for other people's errors of judgement.



Yah, I need some help too. Can you send me a new truck, New wide screan TV, New sound system, Pay ALL my taxes and everything else I can get for not working anymore and a lot less than I have to.

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On the other hand, we are currently giving food stamps to one in seven of folks living in the US.

So, at what level does the "Central Government" discover or surmise that their little social experiment in "stimulus" is not working? (Right along with all the other rather expensive efforts they have put on the National Credit Card.)


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