Oath Keepers: FBI Wants Surplus Stores To Spy on Customers


God Bless Our Troops!!!
The handout encourages surplus store owners and employees to provide information on “suspicious” customers by calling the Denver Joint Terrorism Task Force or the Colorado Information Analysis Center. This handout is very nearly identical to one issued by the FBI to gun stores from Connecticut to Utah: PDF

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This new handout expands the absurdity by now also targeting customers of military surplus stores, and by specifically targeting the purchasing of very common, and very popular, preparedness items such as Meals Ready to Eat (MRE’s) as “potential indicators of terrorist activities.”

While this particular handout is being given to military surplus store owners in Colorado, it is nearly certain that similar versions are being handed out by Joint Terrorism Task Forces in other states. Anyone who has seen such a handout, or who has a copy of one, please contact us at [email protected]. You know, “if you see something, say something!” It may be a potential indicator of government terrorist (tyranny and chilling of speech) activities. Remember, combating tyranny is a community effort and you can make a difference! – Oath Keepers


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Funny, when I was still able to go hunting in the mountains, I used to buy this kind of equipment every year. Does that make me a potential terrorist? I realize that we have to worry about terrorists moreso now than ever but this is getting to be a national paranoia. As a veteran, a gun owner, an outdoorsman and a patriotic American citizen, the Deparltment of Homeland Security, FBI and any other law enforcement agency considers me and others like me to be terrorists. This is reminiscent of the 1930s in Europe and the path we are now on. This insanity has to stop but it will not do so until we change from the Democratic party control of our government. Sure will be glad when November 2012 gets here!


Sound like Nazi Germany, have backpacked and hunted all over the place, sounds like the memo that slipped out under Janet Napolitano stating that former US military might be terriost, who background checked her, and our president could not protect himself as he could not pass a background check. You want to call me a terriost prove your not.


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Heck, anyone in SE Florida who hasn't eaten an MRE has got to be just off the boat. And all the military was giving out till the mobile kitchens were setup after Andrew were MREs. We had cases of them. By the way, it's the military's fault I gained weight after the storm. If we didn't visit the mobile kitchen, the Army guys started hunting us down till we did.

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