NYPD Cop Killed in Friendly Fire Shooting


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I guess even LEO should know all the facts before using deadly force.


I don't understand how they didn't know he was an officer - aren't they the only ones allowed to have guns in NYC? That should have made sense - or maybe ..... gun control in their own mind does not work. :sarcastic:
Sad, best wished to his family...Sounds like the officer that shot him skipped a few things. I don't know why they tried to throw the race thing in there?? Something seems to be left out to me, One would think the officer whom was killed would have immediately identified himself as an off duty officer??...The on-duty officer would have about had to jump out and open fire with no warning for the plain cothed officer to have not had a split second to even identify himself..

I still think they left a few details out,
And because the DBC (Dead Black Cop) didn't defy the laws of physics, come to an immediate stop from his dead run, with his sidearm pointed in a direction other than the AWCs (Alive White Cops), and identify himself as an officer in a manner that the AWCs would believe, god knows what that would be, the dept. will quietly bury the DBC with full honors and sweep the whole affair under the rug.

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