Nye Co Sheriff and CCW/NICS

As you know, NV CCW permittees lost their NICS exemption on July 1, 2008.

Nye County Nevada Sheriff Tony DeMeo issued a press released entitled "To All Citizens Concerned About the CCW Exemption" - read it here:
To All Citizens Concerned About the CCW Exemption

Sheriff DeMeo says he and the NSCA strongly supported AB-21 but the bill was "killed in the Assembly."

Well, the good Sheriff DeMeo FAILED to include some vital information. AB-21 did NOT pass out of the Assembly Judiciary Committee BECAUSE THE NSCA DEMANDED EXORBITANT FEE INCREASES in spite of Governor Gibbons' pledge to veto ANY bills with ANY fee increases.

More info here: Link Removed

Sheriff DeMeo further suggested we "contact Governor Jim Gibbons, and the State Repository and thank them for accomplishing BATFE requirements as a courtesy, and all the extra work that is required without additional fees."

Well, that too is misleading. We should contact them and request they do their jobs without imposing exorbitant fees. Indeed, we must urge our legislators to pass legislation (amend NRS 202) allowing Nevada to again qualify for the NICS exemption, AND/OR we must urge our legislators to scrap the existing Nevada system in favor of Nevada FFLs utilizing the FREE 800 telephone number to the NICS.

It is painfully obvious Sheriff DeMeo has applied major "spin" in his press release!

The Nye County Sheriff's website is Nye County Sheriff's Office
The non emergency number for the Nye County Sheriffs office in Pahrump is 775-751-7000.

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