NY Senator wants to put tiny cameras on cops' guns


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Sounds like an expensive investment. If the cameras were tamper proof, it might be a reasonable thing.

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That's absolutely ridiculous.....hours upon days upon years of black footage from the inside of the holster. Either that or it's one more thing to remember in the heat of a firefight.



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According to the site, the camera will automatically turn on within 2 seconds of the gun being unholstered


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A better option would be those gun-mounted cameras that activate when the gun fires. Someone on here posted a video of it being used, and it seems to work just fine.

It almost seems like it would cause more problems than it would solve, though. It's probably better to look at the ballistic evidence than trying to second-guess from an armchair perspective whether someone did the right thing.


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Drawing will turn on the camera. Might be cause for new way to hold gun. The lense cover grip>>>>
The problem is that the camera doesn't catch a whole lot. It won't record the footage that ocurred moments before the firearm was drawn.

Ballistic evidence would be better in figuring out what happened.



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What good will this do. The camera will not show the events leading up to deployment of the gun and the LEO may get in trouble because many facts of the shooting may be missing. It may also make a LEO hestitate before deploying his firearm therefore putting him in harms way.
These polititains are way to out of touch with the real world and I can't believe we elect them and pay them to come up with this stupid s**t.


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So,the lights can be turned off to avoid giving away the LEO's position(thereby offering no video evidence whatsoever) and it has optional audio(which is OPTIONAL,MEANING IF HE DON'T WANT IT,ABSOLUTELY NO AUDIO EVIDENCE).
Sounds like it won't solve anything,just waste taxpayer money.


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Many of the cars already have dashboard cams. Some PDs also have wireless microphones that the cops wear and the audio is transmitted back to the car. I think it might be helpful to have 360 degree cameras in the cars...one in the back window, one on each of the sides, as well as an internal camera watching the backseat.
Then encounters could be fully edited together, even if someone says they were "assaulted" in the backseat. They could run nonstop and just be stored on a solid-state device which is backed up every 24 hrs to a central computer at HQ and kept for a certain number of years. Gun cameras aren't a terrible idea, so long as they remain a piece of the evidence and don't become something that dominates.

This isn't just all for liability. It's also really helpful for identifying suspects. Consider if a LEO away from their car is involved in a shooting, but gets injured or killed themselves. The suspect may have gotten away, but the LEO's gun may well have video of the suspect firing back at the officer. There's no question who killed the officer, and then the prosecutor doesn't have to settle for a reduced charge.

I've heard of proposals for devices on manned urban combat military vehicles that would simply be a cluster of very high-quality webcams that beam live footage back to a control area where people (in safety) can watch for threats and alert the crew. "3 o'clock - guy on a roof with an RPG" or "Grenade to your rear!" There's no such thing as too many eyeballs.

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