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Hi all from Ulster County

Hi all from Ulster County I just got my carry permit last Thursday after just short of three months
It cost $105.00 to file for the permit. Just $15.00 to get my first gun put on the permit. Which will be a Springfield XD-45ACP with a 4" barrel. I also think it is time for us to let our elected officals know what we think and what we want them to do.

Congrats Trollycar on your CCP and I totally agree with you.:icon_great: They need to be reminded that they work for us, not the other way around.
Welcome neighbor! I am just across the river from you in Dutches county.

I'm not sure what district you are in but Assemblyman Cahill is clearly anti-gun:
Ratings: Link Removed
Votes: Link Removed

While Assemlyman Crouch is Pro-gun:
Ratings: Link Removed
Votes: Link Removed

Senator Bonacic is Pro-gun also:
Ratings: Link Removed
Votes: Couldn't find any gun related votes.

Senator Larkin, also pro-gun:
Ratings: Link Removed

Please do whatever you can to support those who fight for our rights, and remove those who try to take them away.

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