NY here


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:D Hello from New York

Hey zappa , good to see another familiar face on here, later burley

PS ya gonna get rj to visit over here?
NIAGARA FALLS?!? Sloooowly I turned...!

Welcome aboard! I grew up on a small farm outside of Corning and did some time and Fort Drum. Nice to see you.
Hi From The Monroe County Area!

Just joined after lurking for a few weeks. Looks like a nice forum - sort of like XDTALK. Doesn't look like there are too many NY folks here.....guess Spitzer and friends have scared them all off.
In Buffalo

Hello there from Buffalo. Gald to see that there are a few other New Yorks on here. So what was every ones experience getting licenses? I'm really from Wayne County, just go to school in Buffalo, and it took just over two weeks. Since then I have had a few amendments take over a month.
New guy here. I live in Monroe county. I just got my permit, which took 9.5 months and over $140.:eek: Just a few miles away in Wayne county I heard it only takes 2 weeks to get a permit. It was still worth the time and money, though.
Another from NY

Hello, another New Yorker here. Just got my permit in Dutchess County, a shall issue county. Took about 5 months and $130.
Wondering about NY guidelines.

Hello New Yorkers,
I am a former New Yorker of 44 yrs and reside in Ohio. I am wondering why it takes so long in NY to get your permit and what guidelines they go by to issue yours. Is it normal to receive a permit for most application submitted?
saratoga county here

whats up guys. in the process of gettin my permit right now. going for fingerprinting, etc next week and also taking the training class later the same week. my buddy went for fingerprinting for teh same purpose last week and the sheriff told him about 2 months turn around time ( as long as they get the 4 profile evaluations filled out and back quick). so we'll see. i can't wait. pickin up a walther p-22 for the first gun on the permit. then either a glock 23 or 27.
Suffolk County, LI

Greetings. Have my permit for about 7 years. It took about 2 months to get it. Actually was a very easy and pleasant experience. Target restrictions stink though!
Greetings. Have my permit for about 7 years. It took about 2 months to get it. Actually was a very easy and pleasant experience. Target restrictions stink though!

Whats a target restriction?
My Uncle lives in Westchester County & said every gun needs to be on the permit & when he buys a newone his permit must be updated before he can pick up the gun. Is that a Westchester thing or Statewide?
thats a state-wide thing. its called an ammendment to the permit. you must do it everytime you purchase a handgun used or b/n. takes about 10 days here in saratoga county
NY here.

I moved to Greene county in 2005, I lived in Putnam/Westchester before that. I obtained my NY permit in 1996 in Putnam, with restrictions for Target/hunting and more importantly business purposes. So I was always working! Upon moving to Greene all restrictions were removed. Also I have permits from: CT, NH, FL,MA,ME,PA.

See you around

NY also

Hi everyone,
I've had mine since 1994 without restrictions. I'm in Steuben County. I had to wait a long time because of the shear number of applications at the time and the fact that the judge at the time wasn't to pro gun. So he took his sweet time. I'm not sure how long it takes in this county, on avg., now or even if the judge is approving them. Back then it was a "May Issue" county and if you put self defense as a reason on the application, it was denied.
My permit came today!!! finally. Took about 2.5 months for the whole process. and that was doin everything with no procrastination

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