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Im new to this site so first I want to say HI and thanks to everyone for all the great information and stories I have found on this site.

I live in Ulster County NY and I am appearing before the judge on Monday morning to request having the restrictions removed from my permit to a Unrestricted NYS CCW. Currently my CCW says that I have the right to carry concealed for Hunting, Fishing and Target. Has anyone here appeared before the Ulster County Judge for his permit? Appear before any other NY Judge? What kind of questions should I expect to be asked? What "Reasons" did you give for requesting an Unrestricted license? Was it approved? Any other information you can offer? Thanks in advance guys :D

Good luck. From what I understand the Judge is not issuing unrestricted permits. In fact, the Judge has not even been attending meetings, but having his secretary show up. I received a restricted permit from Ulster County as well and I am also trying to have the restrictions removed. I am becoming a NRA pistol instructor so I hope that will help. The pistol permit unit is urging everybody to get out and vote in November.

Let us know how your hearing turns out.
Thanks Dendro. I am "supposed" to meet the judge on Monday. I had to fill out a request form and submit a letter as to why I think I should get an unrestricted. I Lived in NYC most of my life and graduated from John Jay College Of Criminal Justice. I while in JJCCJ I was a member of the Fire Arms Association (Gun Club) and I was a licensed armed security guard for a while. I have also worked as a private investigator for a couple of years, and run my own consulting business. I am hoping the judge takes things things into consideration, but we will see.
I met with the judge this morning and he approved my unrestricted carry permit. Now its just a waiting game till I get my new permit in the mail.
I met with Judge Cahill. He didn't say much. There was a stenographer there, and a court officer. They swore me in, he read off my file that I was there to have the restriction removed from my license. He asked me why? I said for security and personal protection. I then asked him to consider my history with firearms and past safety training, as well as the fact that I have scheduled further safety training for Oct. He said that he would approve it based on my business and because of the manner in which I carry myself. He then reminded me that in NY it is a "Privilege" to carry, one that he does not give away freely because its his name going on my license. That was it. I thanked him, stood up, shook his hand and left.
Definitely wait for the amended permit. If you get stopped carrying before having it on your person in the eyes of the law and maybe the officer you're carrying illegally. Some cops won't break balls, but you can't bet on it, so wait it out. Not worth the risk of losing it permanently.

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